Feline Friday : Ponzi

Feline Friday : Ponzi

Ponzi, a Cornish Rex, wasn’t real happy I interrupted her nap just to take her photo when i visited Carol. Ponzi is Tippy‘s mom whom you met previously. Every once in while he tries to take her bed so she gives him a quick swat across the head to remind him she’s still the boss even though he has grown quite a bit bigger than her.  Ponzi’s fur is very short but I love the wavy textures.

Ponzi, a Cornish Rex
Ponzi, a Cornish Rex trying to sleep
An irritated Ponzi, a Cornish Rex, wakes up
An irritated Ponzi, a Cornish Rex, wakes up
Ponzi, a Cornish Rex, glares at me
Ponzi glares at me. She’s so cute!
Ponzie, a Cornish Rex, done Van Gogh style. I love the wavy textures in her fur
Ponzie done Van Gogh style. I love the wavy textures in her fur
Ponzie, a Cornish Rex, done Rembrandt style
Ponzi done Rembrandt style

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15 Replies to “Feline Friday : Ponzi”

    1. I agree. I agree Cornish Rex are unusual — their ears are definitely larger than most cats. i think it makes them striking though. They take a little getting used to the first time you see them. good luck cat

    1. I agree although to be honest when I first saw them, I thought they were ugly because I never saw a cat with such short fur. Now I think they’re gorgeous. good luck cat

  1. What we do to our babies to get the shots we need. Don’t they understand what blogging is about. So adorable.

    Have a purrfect Feline Friday and a great weekend. ♥

    1. I promised her I’d make her a star but she did not believe me! She wants a photographer with a bigger name like Annie Leibowitz! Shakes my head. No appreciation for the little blogger.

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