Wordless Wednesday: Animal Miniatures

Wordless Wednesday: Animal Miniatures

I love the Mini Time Machine Museum of Miniatures.  How people have the patience to make tiny things so perfectly is amazing to me.  Enjoy!



Images are a tad on the blurry side because you can’t use flash there so my hand held pics in the dark rooms had a bit of a longer exposure than usual. Sorry about that.  I might ask them if I can use a tripod next time I visit.

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Comedy Plus hosts Wordless Wednesday, a fun blog hop where the pictures speak for themselves


The Mini Time Machine Museum of Miniatures
4455 E Camp Lowell Dr
Tucson, AZ 85712
Tues-Sat 9am-4pm
Sun noon – 4pm
Mon closed
$9 general
$8 (age 65+ or military)
$6 ages 4-17
free ages 3 and under

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21 Replies to “Wordless Wednesday: Animal Miniatures”

  1. hello cactus catz its dennis the vizsla dog hay luk at those kyoot littel tiny animals!!! i think they ar eeven smaller then my tiny frend the mowse!!! that definitly luks like a fun playse to vizzit!!! ok bye

    1. It is a fun place to visit. You might have to get a service animal jacket though to get in. They even have some miniatures in the floor and the glass on top so you peer down into the little town. You would just love it!

  2. Monopods come in handy. They aren’t as bulky and you can whack people with it if they hassle you about having a monopod. My Sony Nex 7 setup is geared for low light since I tend to avoid flash on the fly.

    1. well here the light is pretty low and you’re not allowed to use flash so your Sony Nex 7 setup should be perfect. I’d love to see one of your pics taken with the Sony.

    1. That’s really cool. Do you make just the trains or like the tracks and little towns too? And the big question is … when you turn them on, do the cats chase them?

      1. Everything these days is boxed up and stored away unfortunately. Buildings and scenery made. Trains and tracks manufactured. Never operated with a cat present ever!

        1. Awww that’s too bad that they are boxed up. sounds like you put a lot of work into them and it would be great to see a pic. (you might run an old railcar on an old track and see what the cats do — with your video camera/phone ready!)

    1. I think they’re cute too. So much work has gone into them.

      Hope you’re having a great Feline Friday!

    1. Neither do I. I wonder if the miniature makers say the same thing about bloggers? that they wouldn’t have the patience to write like us? I think when you love doing something, you just do it and don’t count the time.

    1. It’s a magical place. I love the historical miniatures there too. Definitely check it out if you’re ever in Tucson.

    1. I think the Miniature Museum is kinda new. They opened their doors September 1, 2009. Too bad it wasn’t around when we were growing up, Dad would have loved it especially as they have a couple of tiny movie sets in there.

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