Feline Friday : Midnight

Feline Friday : Midnight



I’m busy napping!  Why’d you wake me up?

It’s Feline Friday?

You want me to model?

I’m busy.  Tell them Midnight has left the building.

Geez, some people.  Wake a cat from a nap!  No sense of priorities.



Comedy Plus hosts Feline Friday’s blog hop.  Come, join the fun.

13 Replies to “Feline Friday : Midnight”

  1. Good looking, despite missing some beauty sleep, Midnight. You look a bit like Lucy One White (no insult intended to either L or M–I get it on the comparisons–strictly appreciative from me).


    1. Midnight says, “Mary showed me your Lucy. She does look like me! Gorgeous! I could take her out for a cup of cream.” purrs. 😺from emoticons at http://www.sherv.net

      For anyone who is interested, here is Lucy!


    1. Midnight answers: Yes, humans do! I did get my second nap later, thank you very much. Beauty sleep is very important to a cat of my stature. 😺from emoticons at http://www.sherv.net


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