Sarnoff Cafe

Sarnoff Cafe

It’s been awhile since I’ve been here.  Last time Carol and I went, it was “A Great Location Cafe” so we were surprised at the name change.   I told Carol the owners must have changed.  Walking in, I felt the walls needed more art — it’s the sort of place that would be great for local artists to ask to hang stuff.  I used to do that in Oakland — get a bunch of photographer or art friends together and then approach a cafe about changing exhibitions.  I felt 3-4 changing local artist pieces would really make the walls pop — but art with a vintage 1930s-1950s feel. The deco just felt a little unfinished to me. Carol checked my impression: the owners had changed more than a year ago.

Service was quick and friendly and I got my coffee fast. Love the coffee here! Has a rich dark chocolate-like flavor and it’s just coffee, no flavoring, yummy.  They do the mismatched coffee cups — as if someone bought a bunch from the thrift store when they first moved into the apartment so I wasn’t expecting the coffee to be much as I got a Hughes cup.  The deco feel is homey and almost vintage. So the coffee really surprised me–I usually don’t get coffee this good in a breakfast place.  This is definitely a place that you can’t judge the book by it’s cover.

I was going to order the French Toast Sandwich as I’ve never had one but it turned out they were out of cream cheese.  So I went with the veggie omelet — they list a bunch of vegetables under it and you can choose any four to go into the omelet.  I chose spinach, tomatoes, onions and green chiles.  When the omelette came out, it was huge and so was my hashbrowns.  Plus the hashbrowns were crispy crunchy, the way that I love them.  I was very happy with the omelet — tasty plus I felt virtuous eating my spinach.

Carol enjoyed her biscuits & gravy and said it was very good.  She especially liked that they were very generous with their gravy as she usually has to ask for extra gravy anywhere else.  Usually Carol is a slow eater but she finished hers before I finished mine which never happened before.  That says a lot about how much she liked her biscuits & gravy.

Prices are midrange: Coffee $2.25 ; Veggie omelette $8.75 ; Biscuits & Gravy $5.75

Huge omelette, crunchy hashbrowns with great coffee and quick, friendly service — I have to say I am loving this place.  This place is about the food and the service and you — it’s obvious that’s what they care about. Crosses my fingers that next time they’ll have the cream cheese because I still want to try the french toast sandwich.

Sarnoff Cafe
20 N Sarnoff Dr
Tucson, AZ 85710
Daily 7am-2pm




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    1. Sorry to make you hungry. I agree it is hard to find good coffee in a breakfast place or a good breakfast in a coffee place. It’s funny because they all serve both.

    1. I thought it was too. Thanks for following me on Bloglovin. First I’ve heard of it but it’s a cool name.

      1. I do it because I can follow all blogs in one place, regardless if Blogger, WordPress, self hosted, or something else. I am not endorsing it though! It is just convenient for me.

        1. That sounds like a great idea. I try to go directly to the person’s page so they get the visit count and also for the layout (i notice a lot of readers scrunch my haiku as one line instead of 3) but it takes more time. I may look in to that if I keep falling behind.

          1. I think view counting is pointless unless you are selling something. I count comments!
            That is my goal–interaction. You work too hard trying to improve someone elses view count!!! Happy Easter Weekend! or just weekend depending.

            1. yeah, you may be right on that. I count likes and comments a lot. But I also like looking at my live traffic once in a while to see where people are coming from. It really bugs me that so much of what shows up on the traffic are just bots. My live traffic only saves 2000 lines. So in the last 2000 hits (images and pages count as one hit),I have a few that are me and only 1 from another person in England — the rest are all bots. That is just crazy. And my plan is unlimited storage (so I host 3 blogs on one plan) but I get x amount of resources so each hit counts on resources. So once in awhile my resources go over for a few minutes or even an hour and no one can access my blog until it clears and it’s only because of the bots. I block the worse offenders. I can pay for more resources but it bugs me to do so just to accommodate the bots. Real people wise I don’t get that many hits. Shakes my head. Who knew the robots already rule the world?

              1. The people with 5000 followers and 100000 views displayed look impressive but why only two comments on a post? That is the giveaway! The bots have not found me. My views and followers are too embarrassing to post. I think they are real!

                1. I am sending over the bots to invade your town! laughing. I think yours are real. My followers are real too — I am comfortable with the number as I try to visit folks who visit me and it’s still doable. I feel sorry for the folks who have 5000 followers because they probably never see the blogs of the people who visit them — and the reciprocity is a big part of the fun for me. I get to see other places I haven’t been, share in people’s happiness and humor, and see cats and food all over the world. That is sooo cool.

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