Roadhouse Cinema mural

Roadhouse Cinema mural








Photographs by M. LaFreniere
Mural by Joe Pagac
Roadhouse Cinema
4811 E. Grant Rd.
Tucson, Arizona

Wordless Wednesday


Senryu : Train
Cactus Haiku




The Great Train Robbery
Silent b&w movie, 1904
2 film versions incl 1 orig silent b&w
1 redone in color w/ music
I think this is the first train movie. This DVD
is a expensive though, the used DVD starts at
$46.17 on 2/5/18. I saw a mention in a review
of a better version on a Kino Edison set but
couldn’t find the title of the set so didn’t find
what they were referring to.

Red Sun (1941) starring Toshiro Mifune,
Charles Bronson, Ursula Andress
I know it’s not in black and white but it had
a samurai and a train robbery so I couldn’t resist.

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