Railroad car art

Railroad car art


These arty railcars were in the lot behind the

Old Pueblo Trolley museum.
250 E. 36th Street, Tucson, AZ
Just walk past the building on 36th.

I’m hoping when I go back to the museum, they’ll let me in the back storage yard to see the ones I can’t get to.  I’m also curious about the project that paid for the one mural — if it was part of a larger project in case there are other murals.  We’ll see.

These were the first one’s I saw lost on 36th.

Unlike oil paintings in museums, erosion becomes part of weathered murals
barbed wires, fences don’t keep folks out.
generally if folks like a street mural, they won’t graffitti spray paint on the image as a sign of respect — but blank spaces nearby are fair game.

Darn, just realized I didn’t have a long shot of the whole second mural.  Also there was another mural back there I couldn’t get a shot of.

Then I saw this one.  The two murals are at 90 degrees to each other. This one was commissioned.

I counldn’t read the orange/cream letters although it’s obviously a word(s)
Bridge goes to a temple

Between the signature on the left of this mural and this “thank you” on the right is why I figure it’s commissioned. I figure those groups contributed to a project grant.



Old Pueblo Trolley museum
250 E. 36th Street, Tucson, AZ
Tuesday through Thursday:  11am–3pm
Friday and Saturday:  10am–4pm
Sunday: 11am-3pm


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