Tummy Tuesday / DPC : Chirashi at Takamatsu

Tummy Tuesday / DPC : Chirashi at Takamatsu

Sumiko treated me to chirashi at Takamatsu for lunch.  I love sushi! The Chirashi bowl was great — layered sushi atop sweet vinegared rice and it came with miso soup. They had it as a lunch special for $14.95.

miso soup, wasabi, ginger at Takamatsu restaurant, Tucson, AZ


Chirashi, a selection of sashimi over sweet vinegared rice, at Takamatsu restaurant, Tucson, AZ


5532 E Speedway Blvd
Tucson, AZ 85712
Su-Th 11am-9:30am
F-Sa 11am-11pm

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  1. Hi! I looked at your linking system and it comes up as possibly not secure in my system. So sorry, but I think I’ll pass on this link. Thank your for the request! It’s nice of you to ask!

    1. mr. linkys is a http:/ site, not a https site that’s why it is showing up as nonsecure. That means neither your name or your url is encrypted during the posting of the name/url. It does not mean anything about any kind of access to your computer. Usually https is used to encrypt information sending especially when sending credit card or addresses or phones. However lately Google has been going through a big push to force people to use https sites since November 2017 and lately other browsers are following suit so that message is showing up for http sites even though it’s just for sending urls or words in search boxes when before November that nonsecure message only showed up when you were posting potentially sensitive info like cards, etc. I had to take off my search widget because google and firefox was giving that nonsecure message for my site just because I had a search box — the words in the search box don’t get encrypted during transmission so people can steal the word they use to search like “haiku” or “tanka”. The security is just about the transmission. However google and the other browsers are not putting up an explanatory message — that any words transmitted are insecure — they just say the site is insecure, which is forcing people to stop blogging or pay for more expensive sites. Sighs. Which I am researching the cost of now since my provider charges $100 for a security certificate. I just wish the browsers would put up a longer, explanatory and more accurate message for folks. I understand your worries and it’s ok you don’t want to post. I appreciate your checking it out.

    1. I do like the soup on cold morning. A bit of miso into water, a few slices of tofu, and a few strands of wakame seaweed and you’re done. Some people boil a few tiny fishes in the water first and then take out the fishes before adding the rest.

  2. Oh yummy. We have a Japanese restaurant here that we love to visit and do often. Love, love, love.

    I’m playing along this week.

    Have a fabulous day. ♥

    1. I love Japanese food too. All kinds: teriyaki, sushi, sashimi, noodles and country food. I remember in Japan in some restaurants, you were separated from the cook by a counter which you sat on high stools behind. They would have the cooked dishes of the day laid out on top — made it easy. Usually it was various kinds of fish, some different seaweeds or veggies and of course, you always got rice. I could just point at what I wanted. Loved that. Of course all the restaurants had plastic food in windows outside — most of the time I would tow the waitress outside and point.
      Thank you for adding your link. You’re the first person this week.

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