Tummy Tuesday : Peking Palace

Tummy Tuesday : Peking Palace

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Peking Palace Cashew Shrimp, photo by M. LaFreniere, all rights reserved


I have to say I love a good bargain.  Most places have lunch specials that end at 2pm or 3pm.  Peking Palace has their specials for $5.95 and $6.95 all day long!  Which is great because I’m not exactly a morning person and by the time I get around to lunch, most specials are over.  This is their Cashew Shrimp for $6.95 so you get your rice, egg roll and main dish.  I find the serving size is perfect for an individual, just enough to fill you up.  I love it that I can get the special at dinner time. Peking Palace has a bunch of different choices so I’ll probably work my way through the menu. Not on the same day!  Geez!

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15 Replies to “Tummy Tuesday : Peking Palace”

    1. I agree that the serving size in the US is generally pretty big. I think it would be cool if restaurants would let you choose reg size and half size with a discount on the half size. That’s a good idea, sharing a plate with someone.

  1. That’s a dinky egg roll. You sure its not a spring roll? I tried a cold veggie type egg roll once and I found it to be…MOST FOUL!! Seven bucks tho is a good deal. It. Kinda reminds me of THE HOMETOWN BUFFET which is like under ten bucks all you can eat, However…its like an all you can eat TV dinner, quality wise.

    1. Yeah our Hometown Buffet on Wilmot closed down. They probably moved to the northwest side of town like a lot of the other chains

    1. I like smaller portions too. I lost weight in Japan the first time I lived there because portions are smaller. The second time, it seemed like things were changing and portions were getting bigger. Coke cans were definitely bigger. Japanese size cans are about half the usual American size ones. When I went back they were selling the sodas in the bigger cans in vending machines and calling them American size. Canned coffee and tea, though, were still being sold in Japanese size.

    1. Me too (on the special). I wish more places would offer all day specials. I know lunch specials are often smaller servings than dinners but with so many people watching their portion size these days I think it’s an idea whose time has come.

      Hope you’re having a great Tummy Tuesday and eating a yummy lunch

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