TT Thursday – Losing weight Japanese style; my Weight Loss Challenge Week 21

TT Thursday – Losing weight Japanese style; my Weight Loss Challenge Week 21

Losing weight Japanese style

Alright last week, we did some Malaysian so this week we’ll do something from Japan.  It’s an interesting 5 minute exercise daily that supposedly strengthens your back, decreases your waist and improves your pelvic position.  A doctor developed the exercise to strengthen abdominal muscles to improve posture which in turn decreases back pain. Losing weight was a side effect but people glommed onto the thinning waist line and weight loss aspects.

I don’t know if it will work.  I do know I need to improve my posture and strengthening abdominal muscles is a good thing so I’m going to try it.

Do I think it’ll help me lose more weight?  Problem is I am already doing intermittent fasting and basically have given up carbs, sugar, salt and fat mostly.  The only way to test if this makes me lose weight is to go back to how I was eating before and see if I still lose weight.  Honestly, I’m not going to do that.  However I have lost 40 pounds and am down from 250 pounds to 210 pounds but my body shape doesn’t really look that much different to me.  My stomach looks a bit like a deflating balloon more than anything else.  So if a daily exercise takes only five minutes and it tightens my waist line, I am all for it.  The real gem here for me is it improves your back.  When you get older, your back can affect your mobility a lot.  For a lot of us, our backs deteriorate slowly over time. Reversing the clock is imperative to enjoying a healthy lifestyle. Consistent progress no matter how small is good.

Ready for another one?


Where does fat go?

Physicist Ruben Meerman and Professor Andrew Brown, from the University of New South Wales, researched “Where does fat go?” and published their findings in the British Medical Journal in December 2014.  They said most people have the misconception that fat turns into energy or heat stating “We suspect this misconception is caused by the “energy in/energy out” mantra and the focus on energy production in university biochemistry courses.” They said another misconception is that fat turns into muscle or is pooped out (okay, they said “excreted in the faeces” but I couldn’t resist). They came up with a formula to express what happened to fat

C55H104O6 + 78 O2 ⤑ 55 CO2 + 52 H2O

That first crazy number that is fat.  Fat is made from 55 Carbons, 104 Hydrogens and 6 Oxygen molecules.  Did you know that?  I didn’t either.

And we all know O2 is dioxygen right? Yep, the stuff we breed.  They want to add a fat molecule to 78 dioxygen molecules and what do they expect to get?

They expect the fat and the O2 to merge and split to become 55 molecules of CarbonDioxide (the gas we breath out of our bodies after using up the oxygen we breath in) and 52 molecules of Water.  Yep, water.  They except fat and oxygen to break down into water and gas.  Huh.

Brown and Meerman stated “Stoichiometry shows that complete oxidation of 10 kg of human fat requires 29 kg of inhaled oxygen producing 28 kg of CO2 and 11 kg of H2O. This tells us the metabolic fate of fat but remains silent about the proportions of the mass stored in those 10 kg of fat that depart as carbon dioxide or water during weight loss.”

So they took 10 kilograms of fat to see who much converted to CO2 and how much converted to water.  They found 84% of the fat became carbondioxide and 16% became water.

“These results show that the lungs are the primary excretory organ for weight loss (fig 2). The water formed may be excreted in the urine, faeces, sweat, breath, tears, or other bodily fluids,” reported Meerman and Brown. (Their figure 2 from their report below)


Text under Figure 2: “Fig 2 When somebody loses 10 kg of fat (triglyceride), 8.4 kg is exhaled as CO2. The remainder of the 28 kg total of CO2 produced is contributed by inhaled oxygen. Lungs are therefore the primary excretory organ for weight loss. (This calculation ignores fat that may be excreted as ketone bodies under particular (patho)physiological conditions or minor amounts of lean body mass, the nitrogen in which may be excreted as urea)”

Brown and Meerman write on giving some fancy formulas for how much you’re breathing out CO2 when you’re exercising versus resting or sleeping. Finally they conclude with:

“Replacing one hour of rest with exercise that raises the metabolic rate to seven times that of resting by, for example, jogging, removes an additional 39 g of carbon from the body, raising the total by about 20% to 240 g. For comparison, a single 100 g muffin represents about 20% of an average person’s total daily energy requirement. Physical activity as a weight loss strategy is, therefore, easily foiled by relatively small quantities of excess food.

Our calculations show that the lungs are the primary excretory organ for fat. Losing weight requires unlocking the carbon stored in fat cells, thus reinforcing that often heard refrain of “eat less, move more.” We recommend these concepts be included in secondary school science curriculums and university biochemistry courses to correct widespread misconceptions about weight loss.”

So in the end they come up, you gotta exercise more and eat less.  Well, geez, I coulda told you that.  I liked it better when for a minute I thought they were going to say, You need to breathe in oxygen, pee a lot and breathe out carbon dioxide.  The interesting thing about this particular article, though, is that it’s being used to explain why the Japanese breathing exercise helps you lose weight — you’re breathing in more oxygen and breathing out more carbon dioxide.  Excitedly I had followed the trail back to the original research hoping to see them say “just breathe” but no it’s “exercise more, eat less”.  The exercise converts fat into the CO2 that you breathe out and water that you sweat out.  Just breathing misses a step, actually misses a lot of steps.  I still have to walk 10,000 steps after all.  Sighs.

Still it won’t hurt to try this exercise out for a month.  Two minutes of breathing? That’s a breeze.

You can use the the search bar to search for any topic on Amazon. FYI: I am an amazon affiliate. See the disclosure below.

Week 21 Weight Loss — Happy, happy woman

Where was I last week? Oh yeah, I had gained two pounds going from 213 to 219 during the week down to 215 by Thursday.  Well, very happy this week because that 215 dropped down to 210.3 pounds!  Yay!

So remember the HealthyWage Going for Goal Jackpot Challenge I finished.  I finally got to weigh in.

You see that date November 9th? That’s the final weigh-out date so everyone in the challenge has until that day to complete their 6% loss.  Since it’s a shared pot challenge, at this point, I won’t know how much I’ve won until after the 9th and the success of the other contestants has been sent in.  Right now there are 537 participants.  A week ago a little over 100 had finished losing 6% and I was #59 out of 537 (standings don’t matter).  This week, 202 has successfully completed and I am now #99.  It doesn’t matter how much over 6% you lose, nor does it matter how fast you lost.  As long as you finish losing your 6% by November 9th, you share the pot.  So now we wait.  I sent in my video so I’m also waiting for video verification which they usually announce on Wednesdays.  I joined another 6% challenge though and they’ve already accepted the same video as the weigh-in video for the new challenge so I’m fairly certain it’s fine. In two weeks, I should be able to tell you how much I won.

I still haven’t fixed my bike.  Excuses? None really.  But I think maybe it’s time to cave and get my car fixed so I can take my bike to the repair shop.  Trundling around an unrideable bike to shops I don’t know on the bus — meh.  I realize I’m not going to do it.

I’m in a lot of challenges lately so here’s the list, no pics. My weight is 210.3.  Expected is the weight I should be at by this time on that challenge.  Ilike the smaller 6% goals in 3 months as smaller goals are easier to achieve and are steps to the big goal.  I started some challenges on the same day which means some challenges I started late and had to “catch up” to the curve.  So that’s why you’ll see some with the same goal but different expectations and end dates. I should be at or less than the expected weight at this point.  Preferably less.

name end date goal expected ontrack?
Poundshedders 11/26/18 209.7 213.5 yes
Big Losers 12/3/18 209.7 214.7 yes
Healthy Wager 12/4 187.1 198.8 no
Falling Pounds 12/26 206.7 215.2 yes
Big Buck Losers 1/2 202.3 211.7 yes
Healthier Holidays 1/6 202.3 212.3 yes
Scale Watchers 1/16 202.7 214.2 yes

Healthy Wager is the only one that is not a 6% challenge — that one I set the goal to lose 25.78% is six months.  I can extend my time (and pay $30/mo for the extra months) with I believe a minimum of 6 months.  I won’t.  I’ve achieved my real goal and the money was secondary. Besides I want to move into focusing on fitness come January, rather than weight loss so I want to wrap this up.

I was stuck at 250 pounds for decades. During that time, any weight loss returned to 250 within a couple weeks the way a compass always points due north. HealthyWage and blogging to you all got me unstuck.  I am heading for my fifth month of consistent weight loss and I will be hitting 200 soon.  Honestly I can’t believe that I’m that close.  I am so happy.  Thank you, thank you, thank you, for sticking with me on this long journey.

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I am an affiliate for HealthyWage because I like them and I think it helps people a lot to have that extra incentive to lose weight.  In the post text, they are affiliate links only but down here you can also choose to join by a friends link.  If you join through the links above, I’ll get a small fee whether you or I succeed or fail. However, they also have a friends link where we both earn only  if we both succeed — the added motivation of social pressure! If you join up by clicking this friends link, it adds a $40 to your HealthyWager award if you complete your goal and $40 to my HealthyWager award if I complete my goal.  Neither of us gets the $40 if either person fails.   I think the $40 is for HealthyWager challenges only and not the other ones like the 6% individual challenge or the team challenge. The HealthyWage affiliate link doesn’t matter if anyone succeeds but there is no benefit for the friend, just for the affiliate no matter what kind of challenge they join. Joining through the friends link also lets you view your friend on the dashboard: you’ll see their name and what % they’ve lost so far but not the actual weight.  That’s private unless you make it public.

I am also an affiliate for Amazon: “We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.”

12 Replies to “TT Thursday – Losing weight Japanese style; my Weight Loss Challenge Week 21”

    1. How did it work out for you? I did the deep breathing one when I was waiting on the bus (before I got my car fixed). I don’t know if it helped me to lose weight as I was doing other weight-loss related things at the same time like intermittent fasting so hard to tweeze out that effect. I did notice it made my brain feel perkier, more awake, kind of like a quick hit of caffeine with espresso.

  1. Wow, impressive weight loss! And I loved all the information and study reports; I am going to try the Japanese exercise, since currently I am not actively engaged in any weight loss plan (and I should)

    1. Thank you, glad you enjoyed the info. I used to do the deepbreathing one whenever I was waiting for the bus but now I have my car back so I haven’t been doing it. I don’t know if it worked for weight loss but I do remember it made my brain feel perkier — all the incoming oxygen I think. Now that I’m home, and catching up on comments, you reminded me of it so I’m going to start doing it and the back realignment one too.

        1. It’s all the information we get blogging and reading blog. New recipes, cool new ideas to try. Going back to California, Lori Kay reminded me were going to do an Asian American Hapa food blog. We even got the domain name and everything. I’ve started collecting recipes on Pinterest but have I created the blog for her and me? Not yet and that’s been since August. I’m going to try to be better about remembering things. Too bad, reading a blog post doesn’t count as actually doing it, lol. I’d be superaccomplished, very fit, and a great cook!

  2. You are doing very well with week. The secret is to get back on track when you fall off the wagon. Some people just throw in the towel with a setback. Not you.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend. ♥

    1. It’s amazing that I’ve lost 50 pounds, looking back and considering how often I’ve fallen off the horse. Thanks for all the encouragement. It’s a helpful boost to get me back in the saddle.

      Hope you are having a great Feline Friday!

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