TT Thursday – Aerial Yoga; my weight loss challenge week 37

TT Thursday – Aerial Yoga; my weight loss challenge week 37

Aerial Yoga

Workouts can be fun. Really!  I heard that somewhere. So it must be true.  Looking around I found one called Aerial Yoga which I had never heard of.  This looks like fun.

Canyon Ranch which is a spa with locations around the USA including Tucson offers this intriguing activity:

Aerial Yoga

A combination of yoga and acrobatics, this practice allows you to explore asanas from a supportive “hammock” (a strong loop of material that hangs from the ceiling). You’ll experience less joint compression during inversions like handstand and a greater range of motion during hip-opening poses like half pigeon, thanks to the hammock’s stretchiness.

You don’t need to be a gymnast: Despite its tricky look, almost anyone can master aerial yoga with some practice. Improving your strength and flexibility while suspended challenges your mind and body in new ways—and it can finally give your Superman pose the air time it deserves.” from the Canyon Ranch blog post 5 Unique Fitness Classes You Haven’t Tried—Yet.

That sounded so cool I had to see if there was a youtube up about it yet. And yes there was!  Someone had even posted a beginner class Aerial Yoga video.

This I thought was funny.  Gym Brat gives it a shot. I love what she said in the beginning, “I hope that I will be working out in a way that it tricks my brain into thinking I’m not working out.”  That is soooo me!  At least she gave it a whirl.


This video shows a Flow Aerial Yoga class which I thought was lovely. The beginning stretches I felt I definitely could do and when they began the yogo poses in the silk, it would be something to aspire to.

In this intermediate sequence, I really how he uses the full width of the silk, wrapping it around him like a cocoon in the beginning.  He goes slowly so you can see the movements.  I love the end when he is swinging and then stops into what I think of as a ballerina pose.


There is an Aeriealympics.  This is the 2nd place winner from 2017.  This came up in my search for aerial yoga but I am not sure this is aerial yoga.  Maybe acrobatics? I don’t know enough about yoga to know if these are yoga forms or free forms.

You can use the search bar above like I did with “aerial yoga” and when you click “go”, it will take you to Amazon. I was surpised you could buy the equipment to set up your own at home for under $60. I don’t think I’m brave enough though. (Yes, I’m an Amazon affiliate but it’s so easy to find so much stuff there that I love it. Will it make me rich? I wish! January 2019 I earned only $0 for the month. Today is February 22 and so far nothing in Feb either. The last month I earned was November 2018 with 90 cents. Still I like doing it as I think it might be helpful for you all. Amazon disclosure: “We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.”)


Weight Loss Challenge Week 37

So this week I am still struggling.  When I got back, I had gone from my 199.1 up to 205 during my three weeks in California.  I didn’t make my 2/20 goal of 197.6 so it’s the first time I did not hit a 6% 3month goal.  I probably should have taken a laxative or something but that felt like cheating. I didn’t poo that day so that might have made the difference.  You think I’m joking?  I’ve noticed after I poo, I am down half a pound to two pounds until I eat again.  Oh, TMI.  Sorry!

I am down from the 203-205 I came back with and am now fluctuating between 199.7 and 202.7 right now.  So I have lost most of the weight I put back on.  Two or three pounds I think. Now I need to takeoff new weight.   I think when you put on fresh weight, it’s easier to take it off but taking off old weight that’s anchored in takes more effort.  You think it’s my imagination?  Is there no empirical evidence?  Hmmm, I should research that.

So I have a chance to redeem myself.  On the 27th, I have another challenge ending with the same goal weight of 197.6 because I joined 3 challenges at the same time, they all 3 have the same goal weight but different ending times.  You can join a challenge for up to a couple of weeks after it starts but it means you’re playing catch up.  Most of the time I do catch up but Winter Winners is the one time I didn’t. ….Hmmm…. Maybe, it’s all Winter’s fault! (laughing, I have a friend named Winter.  Let’s blame him!)

Okay, so where am I at?  I have restarted my intermittent fasting which was half the strategy before.  The other half was no white food — no salt, no sugar, no fat and no carbs.  I have gone back to no salt but I’m dealing with my sugar and carb craving these days.  It is a big deal that I went down from 252 to 200 but I think 200 was a magic number in my head that I half didn’t believe I’d get to.  So when I did, part of me feels like it’s ready to be done, to let this be my new setpoint.

After all I lost 20% of my weight which is a lot.  Feels like there is a battle between an unconscious feeling that 200 is good enough and the conscious feeling that I still have a ways to go.  My original goal is 185 but now I’m thinking 175, 165 or even 150 might be good.  Yeah, I’m not sure what my end goal should be.  Because I want to be fitter too and muscle weighs more.  I don’t know what a fit me will weigh.  I know what an unfit me would look like at 150.  So yeah, I’m a tad confused at the moment. I’m looking for a fun fitness activity that I do because I like it as that will be the only way I can sustain it. I also need to accommodate my unfit 50something-year-old body. No surprise I look for fitness heroes, new exercises and fun activities.  When I was a kid, it was so much more simpler.  You just went outside to play.  When did it become complicated?

Dieting is like falling in love

You know, dieting vs changed lifetime eating style is like the difference between falling in love and getting married.  Starting a diet is easy like falling in love.  You’re all excited and telling everybody about it.  The same thing is true of a new fitness routine. Then comes the day when it’s not so new and you’ve gotten used to it. About the same time everybody is tired of hearing about it, lol.

It’s that lifetime commitment thing.  Yeah, that.  You think about cheating.  “Hey, Tiramisu, you’re sure looking good.”  You think about touching, about just a little taste.  Uh huh.  And there’s sweet little red bellpepper over there.  Bellpepper’s not going to give you any calories.  You going to stick with it? What is more important to you?  That moment of pleasure or the long haul?  You could always chase the next new diet. Make yourself feel quasi-virtuous. New cookbooks to buy.  New studies to read.  Get all excited again. But you’re still going to hit that point, can you make a commitment?

Changing is a lifetime journey

Yeah, yeah, maybe I’ve been hanging out in Valentine City too long.  Change of metaphors? Changing to a healthier lifestyle is a journey, not a race with a quick end.  You have to keep going.  You’re going to get tired.  You’ll falter.  You’re going to make an overlong pitstop in the wrong town.  I did.  But you put the key back into the ignition, start the car, and get back on the road again.  Yeah, it’s a fat horse I ride but I’m back on it. It’s a commitment and a journey.  It doesn’t end.  Most of the time it gets easier. Not always.  Wrong turns, bumps in the road, detours, and whatever can happen. Someone seriously needs to repair the road and I need a new map.  Sighs.  You start again. You keep going.

I finally went grocery shopping and bought a bunch of veggies.  If I stay home for a few days, eat in, rediscover my love for veggies, that should do it.  It’s raining. Should be easy to stay in.  Away from cake, ice cream and tiramisu: the terrible threesome.  Away from crispy buffalo wings saturated in spicy sauces.  Away from pizza dripping with cheese.  I’m already staying away from Mr. Potato Chips.  I’m preferring pepper to salt these days.  At least one change has stuck with me.

Current challenges

name end date goal expected ontrack?
Winter Winners 2/20 197.6 197.6 no
Pound Droppers 2/27 197.6 198.3 no
WeightLoss Takeoff 3/3 197.6 198.9 no
Shrinking Scale s 3/6 193.5 195.3 no
New Year’s Slimdown 3/26 189.8 194.3 no
Get Lean in 2019 3/27 189.8 194.5 no
Motivation Masters Jackpot Challenge 5/1 192.4 202.3 yes
Healthy & Happy Jackpot Challenge 5/5 192.4 202.9 yes
Healthy Wager 6/4 187.1 211.6 yes

These are my past awarded challenges

My past HealthyWage challenges. (Net winnings doesn’t include Paypal charges to move the money into my bank)

name end date goal lost bet won net winnings
Scale Watcher 1/16/19 202.3 12.9 lbs $20/mo $103.05 $43.05
Healthier Holiday 1/6/19 202.3 12.9 lbs $20/mo $105.67 $45.67
Big Buck Losers 1/2/19 202.3 12.9 lbs $33.33/mo $155.25 $50.25
Falling Pounds 12/26/18 206.7 13.2 lbs $20/mo $111.86 $51.86
Big Losers 12/3/18 209.7 13.4 lbs $33.33/mo $143.25 $43.25
Poundshedders 12/3/18 209.7 13.4 lbs $20/mo $96.59 $36.59
Going for Goal 11/9/18 219.7 14 lbs $20/mo $92.94 $32.94
Slimming & Winning 8/27/18 237 15.1lbs $20/mo $151.40 $91.40
Totals 53 lbs $560 $960.01 $400.01

I’m an affiliate for HealthyWage and Amazon so may earn a commission/fee if you join or buy something through clicking a link. This has no effect on your price. You pay the same price you would normally. Amazon disclosure: “We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.”

20 Replies to “TT Thursday – Aerial Yoga; my weight loss challenge week 37”

  1. Keep going Mary, you’re awesome! There is also an aerial yoga at the other spa in Tucson, Miraval. I didnt get to that one this time, but would love to try it!❤️

    1. Oh, I just saw that you hadn’t tried aerial yoga this time at Miraval. I did see the silk hanging behind you so I thought you might of. It looked like a wonderful place.

    1. I’m impressed your Dad does yoga. I gave up after trying it once because it was so hard which I was surprised. For something that you lay down to do, it’s a lot of work.

    1. Yeah, I can see that. It’s so hard to take even 200 calories and that’s a candy bar. Doesn’t seem fair somehow that something so little takes so much work. I usually buy one at the register when they were on sale but not today. I just thought “I can’t afford you even at that price. Too hard to work you off.”

  2. Do not feel bad taking a laxative to make weight…that is what they do in the military for new recruits and when the pjysical fitness tests come around every year. If it is good enough for the military, it should be good enough for everybody…that is a joke, by the way! You are doing great…slow and steady and you will keep it off.

    1. I didn’t know they did that in the armed services. Darn. Hmmmm, maybe I’ll do it for the next weigh-in if I’m close. It’s hard to be that close and not make it. Thank you for the pat on the back! The support is much appreciated.

  3. Yoga is very hard. Remember I’m nearing 70 and I can’t do what I used to do. Yoga is great exercise though.

    I think you’ve done wonderful on your weight loss plan. Very impressive.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend. ♥

    1. I agree Yoga is very hard. I tried it once expecting it to be easy and was surprised at how difficult it was for something that I was laying on the floor trying to do. My muscles had never moved into those positions. I didn’t stick with it but I find it an interesting form of exercise. The aerial yoga looks like it would be easier but I doubt it. Looks can be deceiving when it comes to exercise.

      1. We do yoga for seniors and it about kills both of us. It looks easy, but it’s not. I don’t think anything about yoga is easy. 🙂

            1. Even still. Yoga for seniors just means that the teacher is ensuring the poses are safe for bodies with different needs and parameters. Since it’s hard, it obviously doesn’t mean that it’s so easy there are no benefits.

  4. I liked your comparison of a new love/diet vs a healthy lifestyle/relationship, and the compromise between weight and fitness. A true inspiration you are, Mary, my best wishes for success in your next strategies!

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