Quick Update 2 (cc)

Quick Update 2 (cc)


An update so people know what’s going on as some of you have become friends. I will remove the last quick update in a week. I’ll remove this one too as it’s for you all and not posterity.

The Job Search

Still don’t have a job, still looking. Almost got hired but they asked about needing time off within 90 days and I already paid for a cruise in November so I said I needed 10 days then. Turns out they didn’t want anyone who would take time off within one year so I was out. They said to call back when I get back from the cruise.

At least I finally got my resume done. The biggest problem was finding the dates which I mostly did. When you have a varied work history that spans more than 30 years, dates are a pain. Gah, I really really hate the job searching part. I don’t want to work, I want to blog. I miss it. It would be nice if I was financially independent but sighs….

The blogs are still up! Yippee!

I talked to GoDaddy about changing to the monthly plan and it’s just under $11. In May, I earned a little over $11 from Amazon and they pay two months later so I received the $11 in July which covered my websites (although they all have different names, they are all subhosted on one site, my old restructuring.net site)

The June payment was $20 which paid for August with $9 left over. Saving that for next month as I will only receive $5 from Amazon for July (paid in September).

How does Amazon decides who your friends are?

A little frustrated with Amazon though. June was great. Sold something almost everyday which since it was anywhere from 25 cents to $1 per day, meant I received my high of $20. Then July, Amazon worked on their algorithms and there were no stats for a few days. When the stats came back online, my buys dropped 80%. The problem is how they count buys. Buys from friends and family are disallowed but how they determine relationships isn’t stated. One person said she shared an item on facebook and her followers bought the item. She knows because they shared pics and said they bought it because they saw her post. But she did not get credit for the buys. So maybe Amazon is counting followers as friends? Of course, some followers are friends or become friends but a lot are not. I don’t know how that plays with blogs. I did have one $100 buy for camping gear that got disallowed — turned out it was a local friend after all so I am curious how Amazon knew the person was my friend.

From what I read, Amazon prefers you to get people over from a search engine on your “topic” and send them to Amazon so that they are random strangers. To me, that’s kinda nutty. Amazon is trying to gloam onto the “influencer” market but they’ll have to make some changes to do that because an “influencer” has regular followers. Now I understand why a lot of bloggers join other affiliate programs.

Starting to do Ebay

A friend paid me to help her strip some tiles in July so that helped that month. Both last month and this month I’ve started selling some of the DVDs I’d bought my mom on Ebay. And some my dad bought for her too. I had read that laughing helps fight cancer and she loved children’s films like classic Disney and the slapstick type comedy like Home Alone where kids or animals outwit the criminals. Back then, any time I saw one like that, I’d buy it.

I’ve been finding on Ebay that I have to sell the rarer DVDs that go for $6 or more used because the cost of selling is close to $4. If you’re interested, it breaks down like this (for USA folks, may be different in other countries):

fee title fee desc for $6 item for $12.99 item
Ebay listing price free for the first 150 items each month $0 $0
Sold fee for DVDs (varies by category) 12% on total of price and shipping fees together $0.72 $1.56
Paypal fee 2.9% + 30 cents (note: transfer to bank account is free if you don’t choose the speedy option) $0.47 $0.68
Media mail for 1 dvd by weight $2.75 $2.75
total costs $3.94 $4.99
net profit $2.06 $8.00

Any DVD listed on Ebay for less than $6, I don’t bother listing. $2 and up profit is fine because it is better than selling at a garage sale. The good thing with Ebay is that since there is no listing fee for the first 150 items, if you don’t sell, you don’t lose.

Amazon seller fees higher than Ebay

With Amazon, the selling fee is $0.99 per item plus 15% for the DVD category and a $1.80 closing fee for each item sold. Thus you have 3 fees that kick in when you sell on Amazon. The plus is Amazon only charges the 15% on the item cost only while Ebay charges on the total of item and shipping together which is why on Ebay people often fold the shipping cost into the item cost and call it “free shipping”.  Amazon charges the customer $3.99 for shipping and you receive that $3.99 as a credit on top of the price of your listing minus the three selling fees. The total net costs seem to be higher on Amazon although they don’t have the Paypal fee as they pay you directly so some items are higher on Amazon. The way I figure it is a $2.01 +$3.99 shipping DVD on Amazon (vs $6 on Ebay including shipping) creates this net: $2.01 (price) +$3.99 (shipping credit) -$0.99sold fee – $0.30 (15% dvd category fee) – $1.80 closing fee – $2.75 media mail  = a net of $0.16 on Amazon for a DVD that sells on Ebay for the same $6 paid by the customer with a net of $2.06. It’s Amazon  combination of $0.99 sold fee with the closing $1.80 fee which kills the profits even if you do get a shipping credit. Obviously I don’t sell on Amazon.

Other costs in selling include the box, wrapping paper (if used), tape, transportation cost to the post office and your time spent listing the item, wrapping it and waiting in line at the post office.

Selling dvds does 2 things. I want to kondoize a bit — with less stuff, the house may get to the point where i can take on a roommate which would bring my monthly costs down. Anything that goes out is one more thing I don’t have and also is not in the landfill because someone else is re-using it. It also pays for a few bills — not all of them but a few.

I’m really bad at packing or I’d sell some of my vintage plates and cups.

I did join Ebay’s affiliate program. So I can share something I’m selling like Heck’s Way Home, a DVD about a dog’s adventure to reunite with his human family or for search items like these search results for “cute cat stuff”. I don’t know how well it will work because as I haven’t been blogging, I haven’t done a post with links (except this one, lol) and I have to learn how to use their tools as I expect it will be better with images.

I have a bunch of DVDs that didn’t make the cut so either will sell them together as a group or will try to sell them locally. I need to do a garage sale but looks at the garage — cleaning that will be a pain.

I did try to sell a few things locally like lamps and my Louis Vuitton purse on Craigslist but no luck there. Craigslist worked great in Oakland but not so much in Tucson.

Wrap up

Since I was addicted to blogging, I had to stop cold turkey to work on my resume and start working on getting that out there (learning the whole online system of submitting — blech! Each one is different). Also to look at alternative income producers like Ebay. I really really missed blogging in the beginning but I think/hope I can settle on a middle road now and maybe do an hour a day reading/writing as a reward after I do a few hours of job searching, Ebay or other income producing things. Before, I was concerned that I would use blogging to procrastinate job searching. Now that I’ve actually started submitting my info to places, I think I can stay on track. After I am working, I can spend more time reading/writing again. For now, I’m going to at least start doing some cat posts.  It’ll be quicker to do posts on just Midnight and Pinkie for a bit so Sabi Saturday and Tummy Tuesday is still going to be on break.

Just wanted to let you guys know I missed reading you.

14 Replies to “Quick Update 2 (cc)”

  1. Yikes, not being able to blog stinks. Sorry I haven’t been on Twitter for awhile, still trying to time manage with limited success. I wish I could take a cruise, my landlord is redoing the stairs and I have no place to go for at least a week and I’m sure more. I was just thinking of putting a love seat on Amazon but now I’m not sure I will. Don’t they make enough money?

    1. I’ve just been selling DVDs so they are low cost items. If you want to sell a love seat, that’s furniture so I’m not sure how that works and with shipping costs. Ebay fees are charged a percentage on the sold cost of the item AND shipping. Amazon charges a percentage on just the sold cost plus their base fees. Because furniture is pretty heavy, Amazon fees may be less than Ebay fees if you do a comparison. Just be very sure what your actual shipping fees will be — don’t forget to include the cost of everything like the box or however much the service charges you to ship it. Because once you list a shipping cost and price for the item, you can’t change it once it’s been sold even if you find out you made a mistake. The plus to Ebay or Amazon is the customer base is nationwide. However with furniture, I don’t know much. A long time ago I had a friend whose husband sold antique and vintage furniture on ebay and he did pretty well. It’s important to take good pics that show exactly how something looks. Back then though Amazon was just a bookstore and things have changed a lot. If you do decide to sell it on Amazon or Ebay versus locally, let me know how it went for you. I’d be curious as i’ve never sold anything except books. dvds and sewing notions.

  2. Good luck with everything. I tried with Amazon but failed miserably..
    Most times I feel like their algorithms are created to make you fail.. you end up having to work three times as hard to get a nominal amount of $$. kudos to you for be able to make some money on it.

    1. Yeah, it is very tough and it’s like tiny pennies dribbling in. I was excited because I actually got $20 one month — just because it was more than ever before although not enough money. and the next month they changed the algorithms so I dropped down to $5. I admit it is very frustrating.

    1. Thanks for the encouragement. Still looking but trying to visit people for an hour today although it’s leaking into more. I better get back to looking, sighs.

  3. I’m sorry you’ve not had any joy on the job front, but it should give you a little confidence that you would have been hired if it weren’t for their no-time-off requirements. Well done on getting the CV done, and it sounds good with the GoDaddy payments per month alongside what you’re earning with Amazon. I don’t seem to earn anything with affiliate links.. 😂 Sounds rather big-brother-esque that they declined a purchase by figuring out someone was a local friend! Good luck with the sales and the writing, don’t wear yourself down with too much though, get enough rest breaks as well 🙂
    Caz xx


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