Tummy Tuesday : Omelette makings

Tummy Tuesday : Omelette makings

Tummy Tuesday : Omelette makings

(I hope you’ll join me for this round of Tummy Tuesday. Add your link at the bottom of the post to this week’s Tummy Tuesday blog hop if you’ve got a food-related post or pic.)

I blanked today and then realized I could take a pic of what I am going to make after I finish the post.  I’m making an fritatta; mostly because I can’t make an omelette. I never could figure how to flip omelettes without breaking them but fritattas are pretty good and much easier. So here’s what I have

  • eggs
  • cherry tomatoes
  • garlic
  • spinach
  • basil from my own garden (yay!)
  • nonfat milk
  • butter
  • black pepper from my little pepper mill

Easy-peasy. I know I should chop up a regular tomatoe but I like putting in whole tomatoes because cooked in the fritatta, the tiny tomatoes squirt in your mouth when you bite into them. It’s fun.

I think writing recipes must be a bit hard because how much butter? Ummm, just a little. enough to melt in your pan and keep things from sticking so I do a little slice. How much milk? Ummm, I stir the eggs until the whites and yellows are blended and pour in a little milk straight from the container. I have no clue how much milk. A little.  Too much and it takes forever for the milk to cook out or you get a soggy fritatta. How do recipe-makers decide on amounts? At least the eggs are easy to figure out.  Two or three depending on how big the eggs are.

It’s so much easier to take a photo of the ingredients and say “That’s what’s in it.”  Laughing.

Breakfast cookbooks

Okay, if you like knowing exact amounts (I do too! It’s why I love cookbooks. I can follow them.  Hmmm, confession. I love looking at the pretty pictures.), here are a few of the breakfast cookbooks in my home library. (I am an Amazon affiliate. This has no effect on prices. Your price remain the same. See sidebar for Amazon Affiliate Disclosure.)

Omelettes, Souffles & Frittatas

Brunch by Louise Pickford (2001-08-01)

Brunch: The Perfect Weekend Treat

Breakfasts & Brunches from the Academy (California Culinary Academy series)
This one I don’t have actually. Writing to you all the other day about one of my favorite cookbooks series, I realized today I don’t have Breakfasts & Brunches from the Academy (California Culinary Academy series) and I could have sworn I did. So I’m off to haunt thrift stores hunting for this one.

Chicken and Egg: A Memoir of Suburban Homesteading with 125 Recipes
Oh and here’s one more. It’s my latest thrift store cookbook find: a memoir/cookbook. When Janice Cole started working from home, she thought she’d like to have a few chickens in the backyard. However her husband was less than enthralled. “You’re crazy,” my husband said when he realized I might actually be getting serious. “We can’t have a farm here: we live in the suburbs of St. Paul. It’s the Twin Cities; we’re urban.” … I pictured cute chicks, picturesque chicken coops, and indescribably delicious eggs. My husband imagined smelly farm animals, hard work, and mountains of chicken poop.” (pg 19)

Still dreaming, Cole took a one-night adult education class in raising chickens and bought a few. The book is filled with recipes, anecdotes and advice on chicken-raising. I enjoyed Cole’s sense of humor like “Yes, my chickens were and still are food snobs…” while shortly afterwards saying, “Roxanne was happy to get underfoot when anyone was digging in the garden. When I threw her a worm, she’d slurp it down like a six-year-old boy eating spaghetti.” (p.135)

Cole used to blog about her chickens on three swing’ chicks but hasn’t posted since 2012. Still the posts are timeless and the pecan pie on that first page… omg!

Now I’m off to eat.  See you all soon.

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10 Replies to “Tummy Tuesday : Omelette makings”

  1. That cookbook/memoir sounds fun to read.
    I wrote out all our family’s favorite recipes for both my daughters. They appreciated it. It is not easy to write out amounts when, like me, I just eyeball it when I throw stuff in. If it looks right, you know, so there’s these long explanations…haha 🙂

    1. That sounds awesome! I tried to get my mom to do something like that and all she would say was “It’s easy. Watch me.” So I miss her Japanese foods as I never learned to make those. I have bought a few Japanese cookbooks but nothing is quite like my mom used to make, you know.

  2. I loved the post, especially the book reviews. I am going to look for Janice Cole’s book; I wish I could have hens, but my city passed a by-law that banned them from backyards.

    1. That’s too bad. I think you would be great raising chickens because you’re good with your garden. I’ve heard some cities have done that. I don’t think Tucson has because my friend’s friend had a peacock in her backyard which is a lot noisier than a hen I should think. It would be harder to travel if you have chickens though — she talks about having to make arrangements when she and her husband wanted to travel in one of the essays.

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