Tummy Tuesday : L’ Grande Cafe, Casa Grande

Tummy Tuesday : L’ Grande Cafe, Casa Grande

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Tammy_b went up to Casa Grande to see the Vintage Neon Sign Park but I also popped into this cute little cafe. The mocha was pretty good too but since I got it to go in a styrofoam cup, I didn’t do a photograph. Honestly, I was surprised by the cafe. Casa Grande is a little town between Tucson and Phoenix, more a country music sort of place or maybe mariachis with Cinco de Mayo just having passed. I think diners with cokes or bars and beers rather than an espresso sort of place with wifi and cool art.  Just shows you can’t judge a place by it’s location any more because with many jobs going virtual, people can work from anywhere.

photo by M. LaFreniere, CactusCatz
Mural in L’ Grande Cafe

photo by M. LaFreniere, CactusCatz
menus at L’ Grande Cafe, Casa Grande

scale on display

Heavenly Territory painting by Nicole Kluth, $2700
Paintings by Nicole Kluth

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Note on Blacky’s bean vegetable burrito post. His WP went down and his previous posts were wiped. Luckily he reposted it so it has the updated url here: Blacky’s bean vegetable burrito

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