Tummy Tuesday : another mod Pizza because P is for Pizza

Tummy Tuesday : another mod Pizza because P is for Pizza

On the alphabet challenge, today is P so of course I had to do Pizza.

And some of you know by now that ModPizza is my favorite pizza place.  Here I started off with a Calexico minipizza for $5.99.  Calexico  is mozzarella, gorgonzola, chicken, jalapenos, hot buffalo sauce, red sauce.  Since they let you have as many toppings as you want, I added tomatoes, onions, red peppers, broccoli and corn so it looks a bit like a salad. It was good.

This is one pizza I don’t feel guilty about eating because it’s like a salad landed on it.

I was thinking about today’s post and when Lori and I went to the San Jose’s Hope Thrift Store today, I looked around for a cookbook that started with P and saw this one : Pizzette:Little Pizzas for Appetizers,Snacks,Entrees and More. It was cute.  All these recipes for little 6″ pizza snacks.

Hope Thrift store has senior day on Tuesdays — 50% off everything except new items, orange tags (latest color tag), white tags, jewelry and furniture.  Books didn’t fall into any of those categories so I picked out a few and brought them to the counter.  Then they tell me books don’t count for senior day after I waited more than ten minutes in line although I was next up because all but one cashier had walked off while the line gathered. It was closing time so everyone was coming to the front.

Pizzette:Little Pizzas for Appetizers,Snacks,Entrees and More

Now the books are only $3 at full price for softbacks and paperbacks which these were. When they were new, they ranged in price from $9.95 to $22.95. If I buy it on Amazon used, I’ll have to pay shipping of $3.99 probably.

While 50% off is generous for senior day, I noticed a lot of the nicer ceramics and other things had been retagged orange so they were full price.  This is a practice I’ve noticed over the last few years that when a half off color day is approaching, a thrift store will retag jewelry and other items with a new color to avoid their falling under the half off.  In Tucson, the Tanque Verde Goodwill does this so I don’t bother making a special trip if the color changes.  I just go if I happen to be in the neighborhood. So Hope is not the only thrift store that does this.

I pointed out the books were not listed on the sign as not included on senior day and the cashier admitted that was true. She said she told the management that people were complaining about it but they hadn’t changed the sign. From her expression, this has been a problem for a while and I bet us seniors complain every Tuesday. At least, those of us who like books.  We are beginning to be a dying breed though with so many people converting to virtual books.

#AtoZChallenge 2019 Tenth Anniversary badgeSo what would you do? A. Buy the books anyways because they are cheap? B. Not buy the books and leave them on the counter because they should correct the sign since people have already complained? C. Or split the difference and buy half the books and leave half?

P is the 16th letter and day in the A to Z challenge.

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This week’s Tummy Tuesday (4/16/19-4/22/19):

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19 Replies to “Tummy Tuesday : another mod Pizza because P is for Pizza”

  1. To buy at the regular price or not to buy? That is the question. Am I buying it because I really want it, or because it is cheap? That is the other question. If I need that book, I would buy it. Leave the others behind if not so enamoured of them. Pizza is a food “land mine” best just left alone in my opinion.

    1. I buy because books are cheap but also because I collect certain books. Like I’ve been collecting Chronicle books cookbooks. One because I like the way they lay things out. For another when I lived in Oakland, I got a speeding ticket in Fremont. I asked if I could do volunteer in lieu of paying the fine and the Fremont judge said yes so I chose Chronicle books in Berkeley to do it at. They do a few books that are unlikely to earn money but are good books to do with nonprofit grants like history each year. So the volunteer thing I did was research some potential grants for them. Ever since that time, I’ve kinda had a soft spot for their books. They are easy to find in the Bay area but it’s hard to find them in thrift stores here so I take a gander whenever I visit.

      1. I did take a look at their website to see what they were, because I can’t say I ever held one in my hand. I used to collect or keep my books over the years but the majority are gone. Yet there are still plenty left in the bookcases. If I haven’t read them now I probably never will, but I still keep them. Most are pretty old. Feels good just to pull one out and hold it, if you know what I mean. . .

    1. It was an awesome pizza. Jalapenos (but not too many) go great on pizza. They add a spicy zing.

      Hope you’re having a great weekend on the water!

    1. I ended up going to the Friends of the Library the next day and got a few Chronicle cookbooks for $1 each so it ended up working out. The bigger problem was that planes have changed. They now charge you for checking one bag which I didn’t factor in when I was buying the books. I ended up leaving most of the books at my friends house to pick up the next time I go back to California.

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