Wordless Wednesday : Vergiss Mural on Hotel Lewis, Downtown Tucson

Wordless Wednesday : Vergiss Mural on Hotel Lewis, Downtown Tucson

Vergiss Mural on Hotel Lewis, Downtown Tucson
DAC Fin's Vergiss mural on Hotel Lewis, downtown Tucson, photo by M. LaFreniere, all rights reserved

Irish artist Fin DAC did a 3-month tour of the USA, hopping around, painting murals.  Yay!  Downtown Tucson got his amazing Vergiss mural on the Hotel Lewis.  “Vergiss” means “forget” in German; she has “forget me now” inscribed on her arm.  You can see her for blocks.  It’s like her mesmerizing eyes are staring right at you.

You can use the search bar to search Amazon as I did with “european muralists book” which today returned a cool book, The World Atlas of Street Art and Graffiti. I was hoping to find a book on Fin DAC’s murals but not such luck. Too bad because his murals are amazing. On another day, you will get different results.
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“Vergiss” by Fin DAC in Tucson, Arizona
Street Art News, December 27, 2016

It also made the cover of Speculative 66

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22 Replies to “Wordless Wednesday : Vergiss Mural on Hotel Lewis, Downtown Tucson”

    1. I think the mural is haunting too. That’s one of those things that it’s easy to take a good photo of because it is so striking. Now if only everything was like that!

    1. Me too! I love that Tucson seems to be jumping with them. Several years ago when I went down there wasn’t any and then suddenly boom, now there’s a lot.

  1. That is an intense mural. Good choice as a post. Your city has a lot of murals…my little town, not so much. There is one by the library, so the next time I’m down there I will snap a pic.

    1. Oh cool, I’ll be looking forward to seeing your town’s mural by the library. We didn’t used to have many but then the city got a grant to do a few and all the publicity has encouraged businesses to copy the trend as they realize it brings in foot traffic.

  2. At first I thought she was a Mouse-ket-teer (? sp) who went wrong, and those were mickey ears on her head!
    Interesting but I personally would not like looking at that out my bedroom window every night!

    1. lol, I hadn’t thought of that (mouseketeer) although after the photograph I did thik of Leia in Star WArs.

            1. lol, i think if it was a cat crew, the show would have a different name. Maybe the Aristocateers? That’s about the only Disney cat movie I can think of where the cats were the good guys too.

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