missed the blue moon (sobs) : got the moonrise

missed the blue moon (sobs) : got the moonrise

On January 31, 2018, the blue moon appeared … but I didn’t get it.  Too late.  However, I did get the moon rise later that day.  It was a particular large orange moon.  I kept trying different settings on my dslr because most of them just got a white disc like the first one I got as the moon came over the mountain ridge and not the deep orange I saw. I got a few orange shots but the moon’s circumference is ragged — I don’t know why that happened — I shoot raw to get the most colors so maybe that’s why.  Not sure.

In the orange moon, I could easily see the rabbit on the moon making omochi — a Japanese folk tale about the moon.  I never see the man on the moon, just the rabbit hunched over


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Words are all new but the top two photos originally posted on Arizona Mary Photos 1/31/18 and at that time pinged to:

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20 Replies to “missed the blue moon (sobs) : got the moonrise”

  1. Mary,

    Excellent job! Last night on the way home from the store, I noticed the moon rising in the eastern sky. At first sight, I didn’t know what I was seeing. It was huge in the sky. I tried steadying my hand to capture it with my iPhone, not to worry I wasn’t driving, but by the time we got on the highway for a better view the size while still quite big nowhere near the size when I first spotted it. It was an amazing thing, though. The moon glow wasn’t nearly as red as your photos but its supersize was gorgeous. I had all but thought I missed out witnessing the phenomena. Thanks for sharing! I’ll add you to my WW linky part!

    1. thank you, Cathy! On yours, glad you weren’t driving, lol. Are you going to post your pic? Would love to see it. The orange glow started to fade for me too. And I wish I understood my camera. sometimes I got an overexposed moon so a white disc and soemtimes I go thte orange — i kept turning the dial to see which setting would get something — wish I knew what all those tiny icons on top stood for. I think I’m going to have to read the manual – gah!

  2. Beautiful. Was amazing here at my house in TN and at my husband’s in Georgia. Three time zones/one lovely moonrise.

    1. That sounds cool. Did you get a moonrise pic too? Did yo manage to catch the blue moon this morning — I meant to but forgot. apparently the moon looked blue. (oh and my hold on the word by word arrived today)

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