Fun downtown Tucson murals

Fun downtown Tucson murals

Indeed, the question of the day
Got all your marbles mural, downtown Tucson, photo by M. LaFreniere, all rights reserved, Cactus Catz

Got All Your Marbles? is a store selling … yep, marbles but they are not the ones you used to play with. Apparently, they have semiprecious marbles that change be exchanged out in some of their jewelry to match anything you’re wearing. That’s an interesting concept. I didn’t go in though as they were closed. They only open their downtown store on Saturdays. I was curious as to what they sold so just found out just now when I researched it for this post.  The cool thing is, according to their website, that you can do a tour at their warehouse location to see how the jewelry is made. That might be a cool photo essay.


And the runner-up is:

Cobra Arcade and Bar mural, downtown Tucson, photo by M. LaFreniere, all rights reserved, Cactus Catz


If I saw UFO sombreros, I might think I am losing all my marbles, laughing. It’s the Cobra Arcade and Bar.  I guess arcades are not just for kids any more.  I thought it was a Mexican restaurant so I walked past them to eat at the Thai place down the way.  Now I wished I’d gone in.  They have vintage arcade games.  So cool!  The google reviews start a month ago and say they are new to Tucson. They have a location in Phoenix already.  I found an April article that said one of the co-owners Brocamonte owns more than 300 arcade machines.  What a great way to share a hobby/avocation!

I love how arty downtown Tucson is getting will all the murals.  What is your favorite funny mural in your town?


Got All Your Marbles?
220 E. Congress
Tucson, AZ
Saturdays : 11am-7pm

Cobra Arcade and Bar
63 E. Congress
Tucson, AZ
M-Su 4pm-2am

photographs by M. LaFreniere, all rights reserved


“Cobra Arcade Bar” to open downtown Tucson location

And it looks like the Got All your Marbles mural has changed over time. It used to be all blue.
Studio 220, Got All Your Marbles?
by Jerry Peek, Tucson Murals Project, November 25, 2010


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9 Replies to “Fun downtown Tucson murals”

  1. Love both murals, thanks for participating. Can’t really imagine jewellery with marbles, you should go inside one day and take some photos so we can see what it looks like, lol.

  2. Marble jewellery I can’t quite picture it, but it sounds like a bit of effort changing your marbles to match your outfit – I’m sure I’d lose the marbles one way or another haha! It’s very eye catching though!
    Thanks for stopping by my Delhi walk!
    Wren x

  3. You’re not wrong! Tucson looks a fun place to live 🙂 🙂 I couldn’t help but think of Trump with the first one, though I know that’s very politically incorrect of me. 🙂 Have you come across Monday Murals? That might be a good challenge for you to work with. And actually the small town where I live doesn’t have any! Maybe we should start something?

    1. I haven’t seen Monday Murals. Link please? Your town doesn’t have any? Definitely start something. I think once one is done, then it triggers a trend because people like how it is a happy feeling generally.

        1. Thank you for the link! (lol, I used to be able to draw in my teens but sadly can’t say that any more. That’s why I take photos. We could draw matchsticks together.)

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