Wordless Wednesday : Eve and night in the French Quarter, New Orleans

Wordless Wednesday : Eve and night in the French Quarter, New Orleans

Wordless Wednesday: Eve and night in the French Quarter, New Orleans

Lori Kay and I continued our walk past the Tomb of the Unknown Slave to Louis Armstrong Park and Bourbon Street. We were lucky the Gumbo Fest was going on at the Park in November and we heard some really good blues.


Charmaine Neville belts out the blues, Gumbo Fest, Louis Armstrong Park, New Orleans

a few members of the Charmaine Neville Band
My friend Lori Kay having fun with the Jazz sculpture at the Louis Armstrong Park

NOLA 300th Anniversary sign next to Cafe Du Monde where we had some yummy beignets

Street musician playing on the next corner after the 300 sign
We wandered Bourbon Street for a bit. It’s closed off to traffic. Musicians, magicians and more perform on the street. See the dancer with the tambourine?



Heat Bar and Grill is among the many places catering to the night crowds. People stand on the balcony drinking watching the tourists flow by
Handgrenade by Tropical Isle — New Orlean’s most powerful drink? Promises, promises. I thought about trying it but was too busy wandering in and out and taking snaps.
I wonder what that building is up on the hill. It looks cool with the lights shining on it

Getting tired now so we take the Uber back to our B&B. It was a great day in New Orleans. Tomorrow we board the cruise.

Note: All of this took place November 16th, 2019.  Many of these photos also appeared on CactusHaiku.com

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9 Replies to “Wordless Wednesday : Eve and night in the French Quarter, New Orleans”

  1. Pretty spooky to see these pics from NEXT* November. But I haven’t been to New Or’lins since Spring Break 1966, so what do I know ?

    *you wrote (above) these pics were from Nov 2020. That WAS a typo, wasn’t it ? The Crescent City does have some pretty spooky aspects !

    1. lol, it was a typo. I did mean to put 2019. Wish I was that psychic that I could take pictures of the future. I’d take pictures of the lottery numbers, lol.

  2. What a fun day and the cruise is the next day. Wow, what an adventure.

    Thank you for joining the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous day, my friend. ♥

  3. This must have been so much fun. I wish I could go there right now. Need some sundowners and good friends and a nice band playing by my side.

    Lovely to see you my friend. <3

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