Sabi Saturday : week 6

Sabi Saturday : week 6

Sabi Saturday Linkup Week 6

So the Sabi Saturday blog hop is open for the whole week where we share. Add your link up at the bottom of the post.

  • the vintage/antique items handed down or we “rescue” from garage sales and thrift stores so they don’t end up in a trash bin
  • items we’ve upcycled instead of throwing them away
  • items we’ve repaired in a transformative way to make them more beautiful or cooler than before
  • process or tutorials on how we upcycled or repaired something to make something new, more beautiful, or cooler

Sabi Saturday Linkup Week 5 Roundup

First the roundup:

15 and Meowing featured a cat art with her cat Prancie with an old Brownie camera. Very cool.

sketchingwords discovered a cool art book at Goodwill

Crystal and Daisy Mae’s Photo-Blogging Site shared her baby book, so cute.

Cactus Catz shared my mom’s vintage kimono that I kept virtually by scanning it, and  a photo of my mom that I colorized with the scan.

This week’s Sabi Saturday contribution

Sorry I was a day late.

I love this vintage coffee grinder here.

Linking up

You can choose to do a pingback or add your link in the Mr. Linkys. Also feel free to leave a link in comments. The advantage to Mr. Linkys is that it can feature an image from your post. Please tag your post Sabi Saturday.

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  • When you hit enter, a little pop up box should come up so you can choose which thumbnail to show.
  • Once you choose your image, click done.
  • It will ask to close the window so click ok.

Give it a few minutes to do the script and resize the image and then refresh your window. You should see your link. Be aware if you’ve entered a url in a previous Mister Linkys on anybody’s blog, not just mine, it will probably automatically propagate the fields with your previous entry. Remember to change the url if you’re not doing the same post.

8 Replies to “Sabi Saturday : week 6”

  1. Great find! This is quite cute, and very neat/compact for an older ‘contraption’. I like the little door at the bottom!
    Have a lovely week ahead =]
    Caz xx

    1. I haven’t used it. It belongs to my friend. She got it for a dollar. I told her I did a post on it and she thought that was cool.

    1. It is pretty cool looking, isn’t it? I’d love to find one like it but they’re a little hard to find since people don’t use them any more.

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