Sabi Saturday : week 5

Sabi Saturday : week 5

Sabi Saturday Linkup Week 5

So the Sabi Saturday blog hop is open for the whole week where we share. Add your link up at the bottom of the post.

  • the vintage/antique items handed down or we “rescue” from garage sales and thrift stores so they don’t end up in a trash bin
  • items we’ve upcycled instead of throwing them away
  • items we’ve repaired in a transformative way to make them more beautiful or cooler than before
  • process or tutorials on how we upcycled or repaired something to make something new, more beautiful, or cooler

Sabi Saturday Linkup Week 4 Roundup

First the roundup:

15 and Meowing featured a cute little ceramic bunny that she rescued when it’s owners no longer wanted it.

Crystal and Daisy Mae’s Photo-Blogging Site shared her old table, lamp and sofa — while she napped on her sofa with Daisy.

Cactus Catz shared her some DIY youtube tutorial videos on how to make paper out of dryer lint as well as old denims.

This week’s Sabi Saturday contribution

scan of the bottom of mom's kimono, peach background, white and rose chrsanthemums and daisies, all rights reserved
bottom of Mom’s kimono

Ok, this is an offbeat one.  My mother had a gorgeous purple silk kimono that she had since her twenties.  She brought it over with her when she immigrated from Okinawa. It is amazing.  My sister asked her for it.  My mom checked with me since she wanted to give it to me but I said to go ahead and give it to my sister as she had children and I didn’t.  However, before my mom passed it on, I scanned every inch of the kimono.  It took a while since my scanner is only 8inx11in but I captured it.

My mother had a photo of herself in that kimono in b&w.  I scanned that too.  The photograph had a texture to it which came through in the scan.  I matched the kimono to the image and overlayed it in photoshop.  It was not as easy as I expected it to be because I scanned the kimono flat, of course, but in the photo, the kimono curves around my mom and has folds.  I muted the color of the kimono some so it would go with the vintage photograph feeling. Anyways, this is the result.

I did this while my mom was still alive.  She liked the photo I printed out and framed it. It still hangs on the wall.

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16 Replies to “Sabi Saturday : week 5”

  1. Wow. Mom is absolutely beautiful! I adore that photo. ♥ Reading of how you created it was fascinating. Sounds to me like you’ve got some pretty impressive technical skills there 🙂

    What a joy to read, as usual!

  2. Your mother was a beautiful woman. This i such a sweet story. How kind of you to let your sister have the kimono. The photo is priceless. Thanks for hosting. Have a wonderful day!

    1. thank you! I agree my mom was beautiful. back in the 60s they like to dress up. she had the most amazing dresses. I remember for new years, she had a yellow satin dress with a gold beaded dragon. amazing. I hoped I would get to wear it one day but unfortunately I grew to be six inches taller than her and bigger boned. sighs. I love that photo of my mom.

      hope you’re having a great day!

    1. thankyou. I used to love watching her dress up and putting on make up when I was kid. I thought she was as glamorous as Sophia Loren back then. they liked to dress up more often in the 60s so she would wear lovely dresses just to go out to bingo with dad or wherever they went. Once a week or once every other week, she and dad would go out on a date night.

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