Sabi Saturday, Week 19

Sabi Saturday, Week 19

Sabi Saturday Linkup Week 19

Show how you love, treasure, reuse or creatively transform things that may be a bit worn but nevertheless is still useful/beautiful and have character or history.

As you know while I post on Saturdays, the blog hop is open for the whole week so feel free to share any time during the week. Add your link at the bottom of the post. I do moderate the links to avoid spam so it may take up to 24 hours for the link to show.

  • the vintage/antique items handed down or we “rescue” from garage sales and thrift stores so they don’t end up in a trash bin
  • items we’ve upcycled instead of throwing them away
  • items we’ve repaired in a transformative way to make them more beautiful or cooler than before
  • process or tutorials on how we upcycled or repaired something to make something new, more beautiful, or cooler

Sabi Saturday Linkup Week 18 Roundup

First the roundup of 2020 from Week 18 posted the week of February 1st, 2020:

Sketching Words : shares her mother’s jewelry in a wooden box given to girls who graduate high school. I love the graceful brooch with her mother’s initial.

Cactus Catz shared her cat jewelry, including a pair of vintage earrings by Laurel Burch and her bio as Laurel Burch often used cats as a motif in her jewelry and textiles.

This week’s my Sabi Saturday contribution:

Last week Diane at Sketching Words shared a bit about her mom which has inspired me to share a little about my mom this time. When I was in grade school, our family was stationed in Japan.  First in Yokota Air Force Base,then Tachikawa Air Force Base.  Mom being Okinawan often shopped offbase in the local Japanese stores because she spoke Japanese fluently.  Okinawan was her first language, Japanese her second and English her third.  For those who don’t know, the difference between Okinawan and Japanese is about the difference between English and German.

One of the things mom liked to buy offbase were Japanese punch needlework kits.  She’d get them at the department store. At night, mom would punch the fabric with her needle while we kids would watch Japanese cartoons.  They used to have cartoons on at night from after school 3pm until 8pm at night when it was time to go to bed.  And no, us kids didn’t understand Japanese.  We would imagine the dialogue.  When I finally watched Speedracer as a adult, I was disappointed in Trixie — my dialogue had her running into danger because she was fearless when actually she was falling into danger and calling to be rescued.  Big difference!

This pink kittycat was one of mom’s punch needleworks.  There is a technique where you brush the stitches and it creates a furlike texture. I loved this picture as a kid and that skyblue eye shadow was my favorite color eye shadow to wear as a teen. Unfortunately the picture was damaged recently and had to be thrown away.

All her punch needleworks were done in the late 1960s, more than 50 years ago, so I guess that makes them vintage now.  Boy, do I feel special.  I’m old enough to be vintage!

The following two images are also punch needleworks my mom did.

Mom did these flowers. I forgot what kind they were. Sorry about the graininess. It’s in the hallway so it’s a little dark but if I used my flash, there’s a big white spot. Even as it was, it was getting some reflection off the window from my bedroom. So that “stripe” you see in the background is a reflection. The background is that flat beige color. The picture isn’t striped. Can you see the texture of the punch needlework?  I love the texture of it.
Mom also did this Kabuki character. The white hair is done in that furry texture technique like the pink kittycat. The lamp is an art deco tiffany type lamp I got at a store that sells estate sale things. I did one Sabi Saturday post about a 1941 Boston cookbook that I got there at the same time. I love purple — the lavender in the Kabuki pants, the medium purples in the lamp and deep purples too.


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  1. Nice to learn about your mom, she was very talented. I will join the hop tomorrow. Thanks for hosting.

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