WW: WWII jackets and plane art

WW: WWII jackets and plane art

At the Pima Air & Space Museum:  Art and fonts that GIs created during WWII on planes and jackets.  Bungay Buckaroo was the only nose art that I found.


The Pima Air & Space Museum
6000 E Valencia Rd
Tucson, AZ 85706
link takes you to the admissions prices: the two-day pass is a good bargain because the place is huge. Wear good walking shoes. Some of the planes are outdoors and it’s not paved. Thin-soled shoes are going to feel every rock. Heels and sandals are not a good idea. If you like space flight, planes or war memorabilia, it’s a great museum. And you can get really close to the planes for those of you who like taking photos. Each hanger has several volunteers so feel free to ask questions. Expect to spend a few hours here. Bottled water is okay but no other food or drink while you walk around the planes. I did another post on Monday.

Wordless Wednesday
Blogs everywhere post pictures that speak for themselves.  Come join the fun at Comedy Plus


9 Replies to “WW: WWII jackets and plane art”

    1. Really? I didn’t know that was why. That’s sad because I do think it is a morale booster and also helps build up team cohesiveness.

      1. That is also why the colorful squadron tail insignias were removed as well. Can’t remember exactly but early 80’s I think they went. Then they also began camoflaging our aircraft. with green or tan.

        1. That makes sense — if you have a colorful image on your plane, the camouflage isn’t going to work so well. But in mho, they should allow it on the silver metal non-camouflage ones. But I like art. 80’s is when a lot of places went for the more cookie-cutter look-alike corporate identity look. On the other hand, with how laser sharp satellite vision is these days, maybe they don’t want other countries to know which squadron is where.

    1. I didn’t know they had one up there. My sister lives in Idaho so I’ll have to pop by if I drive up there. Not in winter though — she says they had snow the other day even though it’s March. Summer might be good when it’s like a burning furnace down here.

    1. I loved the place. I took more than 150 pictures and it was so huge that I saw maybe only half. After three hours, I was tired though. Probably my camera slowed me down, lol. Was the one in Tillamook huge too?

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