WW: Tucson Botanical Garden Butterfly Room and Rosie

WW: Tucson Botanical Garden Butterfly Room and Rosie

Amorphophallus titanum, the corpse flower, aka Rosie was the star attraction in the butterfly room on 4/24/18 when she bloomed. By 4/25/18 she’d closed up again.  You had to be careful where you stepped because the butterflies were everywhere.  They checked you head-to-toe before you left to make sure you weren’t carrying off an unwitting passenger.  I felt like I was at the airport, lol.


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9 Replies to “WW: Tucson Botanical Garden Butterfly Room and Rosie”

  1. I was just talking with a friend the other day about these kind of butterfly garden/rooms. I’ve never been to one. Totally looks like something I would really enjoy.

    1. I thought it was pretty cool. I also think the butterflies live longer than they do in the wild because I’ve noticed a few have wings tattered around the edges which I hardly ever see in the wild.

  2. Wouldn’t it be a great world if we had to be checked for butterflies instead of weapons! Butterflies as a metaphor for contraband…hmm, have to think on this, because there’s more here. Now see what you’ve done?! Lol.

    1. That would be so awesome! do you have any petals or butterflies on you, ma’am? it’d make a great short story. Laughing, you did it!

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