WPC : Twisted

WPC : Twisted

Swirling Swallows Quilt

The Tucson Botanical Garden is having a quilt show as part of a Quilt for a Cause: sew a cure for women’s cancer.  This 25″x25″ quilt by Rhonda Borders is going for only $90 which I think is unbelievable.  I like that whirly twisted center — reminds me of those things you hold and blow — oh geez.  I can’t remember the name now and I thought of it just before I started writing.  Anyways, you know what I mean (lol, I’m sure a few of you will tell me the word too!)

Tucson quilter Jeannie Coleman started Quilt for a Cause in 2003 and it has grown to include hundreds of artists. More than thirty hand-crafted quilts for sale is displayed from April 7-July 30th at the Tucson Botanical Garden. Proceeds will go to the Tucson Botanical Garden and Quilt for a Cause.

Tucson Botanical Garden
2150 North Alvernon Way
Tucson, AZ 85712

Quilt for a Cause: sew a cure for women’s cancer

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8 Replies to “WPC : Twisted”

    1. That’s right! Pinwheel! My mind got stuck on windmill which was no help at all, lol. I think that’s a great price too. I’ve rarely seen a quilt that low — especially at a charity thing.

  1. That quilt is beautiful! The National Quilt Museum is in Paducah KY…just a couple hours from me, but I have never visited. I admire a quilter’s vision, because it seems like So. Much. Work.

    1. I admire their vision too and their patience — some quilts, especially back in the day when they were all hand sewn, took months and years. If you ever do visit the Quilt Museum and take pics, let me know when you post them — love to see them. Museums seem to be relaxing rules on picture taking. It used to be no photography at all — now it’s only no flash photography. I love we can share local art with each other.

    1. I’ve never been to a state fair. I just found out that the Pima county one is held not so far from here so I hope to go to this year’s. I agree quilts are amazing to look at — and since some of them have stories or codes in them, i think that just adds to their intricacy

      1. I believe more than one person works on those quilts–it is a group effort generally, which helps get the quilt done in a reasonable amount of time. Yes, I know of the stories and codes buried in some of them. The Washington State Fair is located nearby–in fact for many years I lived next to it, so I went countless times!

        1. Lucky you. Like I said, I’ve never been to one but now I want to. I always thought it was a country thing before — like judging animals and pies. But lately I’ve heard there’s a lot of different stuff — it’s one of those things that you hardly hear of something and then suddenly the topic keeps coming up. I think those sewing circles must have been great fun back in the day like a grown up slumber party.

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