Wordless Wednesday : Veterans Day

Wordless Wednesday : Veterans Day

Neighborhood Veterans Day Mural
veteran's day mural, photo by M. LaFreniere, all rights reserved, CactusCatz.com



As I walked on Monday, Veteran’s Day, I saw a man painting a long mural (I went back on Wednesday to photograph the rest of the wall that he hadn’t finished yet).

He remembers. Many of us honor and remember in the abstract the soldiers, police officers, firemen, ambulance drivers, medics and so many others who rush into danger to save people or for other reasons.

For civilians especially, they are lucky enough that vets and first responders are words and titles. The deaths aren’t real, not really.

But for some, for people who stood together, for friends and family who have lost people, there are names they remember, that they can write. For them, it’s real and always will be.

Sacrifices were made, not just by the fallen, but also for those who carry on, who survived, who remember.

Tucson, Arizona, USA. On the north side of Golf Links, between Kolb and Prudence.

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    1. I thought so too. It’s a simple mural but very eloquent.

      HOpe you’re having a great weekend!

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