Wordless Wednesday : Miniature Violin, Tucson, Arizona

Wordless Wednesday : Miniature Violin, Tucson, Arizona

18th Century Violin Maker’s Shop created by W. Foster Tracy, 1979, The Mini Time Machine Museum of Miniature, Tucson, Arizona

The tiny workshop is encased in the body of a real violin. Scale is 1:12 so that hanging violins are only two inches long. The cello is probably four inches as a real cello is 48 inches but the museum recording didn’t say. Tracy made little tool replicas to hang on the back wall.  The real violin’s body is only 2 inches deep and was cut away to hold the scene.

Amazing, right?



The Mini Time Machine Museum of Miniatures
4455 E Camp Lowell Dr
Tucson, AZ 85712
Tues-Sat 9am-4pm
Sun noon – 4pm
Mon closed
$9 general
$8 (age 65+ or military)
$6 ages 4-17
free ages 3 and under


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22 Replies to “Wordless Wednesday : Miniature Violin, Tucson, Arizona”

    1. It’s at the Time Machine Miniature Museum on Fort Lowell. It’s pretty cool. The whole museum is just miniatures and a lot of them are set up in the cutest little scenes or doll houses

  1. Charlee: “This must be that ‘World’s Smallest Violin’ that we’ve heard about.”
    Chaplin: “Dada says Mr. Pink plays it for the waitresses.”
    Charlee: “Have we mentioned that now we understand why Dennis always used to say that he had no idea what Dada was talking about?”

  2. It would be interesting to see.a sense of scale. Maybe throw an empty cigarette pack into the scene or something. I know its smaller than I think it appears, since its built out of a violin, but I’m being fooled by the concept. You cant fit all that stuff in a real violin!

    1. Yes, you can! It’s really tiny. That does sound like a good idea but you can’t really introduce something into the scene as it’s encased in glass. They have to. I bet everybody would wnat to touch the miniatures because they are so wonderful

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