Wordless Wednesday : Joe Pagac’s Epic Ride mural

Wordless Wednesday : Joe Pagac’s Epic Ride mural

Tucson’s Art Warehouse District mural : Joe Pagac’s Epic Ride

Epic Ride mural by Joe Pagac, photo by M. Lafreniere, CactusCatz

Epic Ride mural right half by Joe Pagac, photo by M. Lafreniere, CactusCatz

Epic Ride mural left half by Joe Pagac, photo by M. Lafreniere, CactusCatz


Well, almost wordless.

Initial illustration to give folks an idea of the mural

Joe Pagac used Kickstarter to raise money for this mural. He created a video and mid-February 2017 shared this initial illustration of his planned mural and asked people to contribute $18,000 to pay the painting and equipment costs. He had an all-or-nothing deadline of March 13, 2017.  Either the goal was met by that date or there was no mural.  The call went out and more than 300 people donated , raising $21,616.  The smallest donation was $5 which 15 people contributed. $50 donations received the largest number of contributors, 112, and as Bronze level donors, this level was the entry to having their name on the mural. The white square under the jackalope is a list of the top donors … and a wedding proposal (of course, the answer was yes). I love that so many could share in making the vision possible instead of having to wait for a grant and hope to be selected.  Kickstarter, GoFundMe, Patreon and other sites create an opportunity for some artists to have their work funded so that they can create what they want rather than fit their work into a customer’s or a grantfunder’s vision. The resulting mural is amazing.


Man launches mural Kickstarter to help beautify Tucson
by Ina Ronquillo, KGun9, Feb 24, 2017

Huge Cycling / Bike Mural for Tucson Arizona
by Joe Pagac, Kickstarter

Help fund a huge bicycling mural in Tucson
by Carolyn Classen, Blog for Arizona, March 7, 2017

Tucson muralist reaches $18K goal
by Jennifer Martinez, KGun9, March 27, 2017

Dream plus online campaign equals mural with large ‘pops of color’ in Tucson
By Johanna Willett, Arizona Daily Star, March 29, 2017

The Tucson Murals Project documented the mural going up with several posts
Murals being made, part 46a: Tucson’s biggest
Murals being made, part 46b: Tucson’s biggest
Murals being made, part 46c: Tucson’s biggest (the bottom shows a closeup of the names and proposal)

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19 Replies to “Wordless Wednesday : Joe Pagac’s Epic Ride mural”

    1. I hadn’t noticed the “girl bicycle” until you said it. Now I realize how much sense that lower bar makes back in the day when women and girls generally wore skirts.

        1. I think it’s smart. I rode a “men’s bike ” once and a hard stop had me falling down on that top bar. Ouch! It smarted.

    1. I agree Pagac’s is a pretty awesome mural. It is pretty awesome how her flowing hair became the night in the other half. I love the magical realism Southwest style in Joe Pagac’s murals.

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