Wordless Wednesday : Geocaching at Lincoln Park

Wordless Wednesday : Geocaching at Lincoln Park


Lincoln Park
4325 S. Pantano Rd
Tucson, AZ


Photographs by M. LaFreniere, all rights reserved
Nikon D3400, lens 18mm-55mm

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15 Replies to “Wordless Wednesday : Geocaching at Lincoln Park”

    1. Yeah, we do take our own neighborhood for mountains. We have mountains too that I forget sometimes. I don’t think I have any in a photo, lol.

  1. I had to look up geocaching to see what it was. Apparently I am surrounded by these things, plus there are all those invisible pokemon jumping around everywhere as well with groups of people tracking them with their smartphones. So, what is my point? Don’t think I need one!

    1. I hadn’t thought about that pokemon game. With geocaches, when you find the cache, there is always a little notebook so you’re supposed to initial and date it to prove you were there. While there are virtual caches, almost all are physical because it started awhile ago. I wonder if in the pokemon game you find something physical too or if you find a virtual thing. There was a kerfluffle a year or so ago about the pokemon game being dangerous. I don’t think geocaching ever caught the newspeople’s attention like that except for when the astronaut found the first geocache in space.

      1. I was with someone who showed how to play pokemon. NOTHING REAL==ALL VIRTUAL. dANGEROUS IF DRIVING OR NOT LOOKING WHERE YOU ARE GOING. sorry caps. I can spot people playing it now. Does not appeal to me. Guess I am too old! I do have a iphone and] a health app tells me how far I walk and how many steps plus other things. I use that alot to check my exercise. Never knew geocaching except when I read your post Mary.

        1. Geocaching is good for walking too. I don’t have many apps on my phone but it’s already filled up — my fitbit for walking, geocache, and a few grocery stores. Yeah, I think that’s what I heard about the dangers of pokemon. Geocaching is not that bad if you’re with a partner so if you’re driving the partner can navigate. But it does remind me of garage sale driving — like oops, you were supposed to turn back there. For me it’s something I do with a friend of mine but I like the exercise and exploring.

                1. It’s good you’re doing it. Do you take photos while you walk? There’s a Monday Walk Photo hop over on Jo’s

                  Just put a pingback or a link down in comments to pics of your walk. I find when I’m walking and taking pics, the walk becomes more interesting because I pay attention more to little things around me.

    1. I agree it’s great to go out and explore places. The funny thing is Lincoln Park is right behind my old high school. The city made it years and years ago but I never went. It’s funny if you think you know something or someplace, you take it so much for granted that you don’t see how it changed. So often things are boring only because you’re not paying attention. I am happy I discovered it. I saw coyotes there though. I’d like to take a few pics from a safe distance.

  2. It is amazing how you are able to find places that are gems around town. Your photos are top-notch! I am in awe of you.

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