Wordless Wednesday : Cobra Arcade Bar, downtown Tucson

Wordless Wednesday : Cobra Arcade Bar, downtown Tucson

Cobra Arcade Bar (opened June 29, 2018 in downtown Tucson)
63 E Congress St
Tucson, AZ 85701

You can use the Amazon search bar to do any search at Amazon as I did with “vintage arcade games”.

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13 Replies to “Wordless Wednesday : Cobra Arcade Bar, downtown Tucson”

  1. There’s a T2 game? We hit a pizza place this summer with some old games and a pinball machine, I love these places.

  2. I was never interested in games like these. The only games I liked to play were “real” not “video” pinball. I don’t know why Cobra. Seems Rattlesnake would be more appropriate name for Tucson.

    1. You know,I never thought of that: Cobra vs Rattlesnake, lol. I have no clue why. They did open the first one in Phoenix though. I’ve often seen images of eagles clasping a cobra but not sure about a phoenix doing so but maybe there were. I wonder if there was a famous Cobra video game.

    1. I thought it was fun too. I remember going when I was a teen a few times. I never played that much but now it feels nostalgic, lol.

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