Tummy Tuesday – Raptor Canyon Cafe, Tucson, a restaurant review

Tummy Tuesday – Raptor Canyon Cafe, Tucson, a restaurant review

breakfast burrito, Raptor Canyon Cafe, photo by M. LaFreniere, all rights reserved, CactusCatz.com(Yay! It’s Tummy Tuesday again. Add your link at the bottom of the post to the blog hop if you’ve got a post or pic that’s food related.)

Raptor Canyon Cafe, downtown Tucson

I hadn’t realized the Raptor Canyon Cafe is new in Tucson. They opened up in August just this year.

After some deliberation, I chose a veggie burrito. When I confessed I was supposed to be sans carbs on my diet, the guy offered to have them make it without the burrito wrap, saying that’s what they did when other people were avoiding carb. I decided to take it with the burrito because I wanted to see what the real deal looked like.

I loved the burrito. I haven’t had one like this since I left California. The egg was perfect, the fresh veggies were crunchy, and I love the creamy butteriness of the avocado. I love crunchy veggies these days. So healthy! No refried beans here. I admit there were fried onions giving that extra bit of crunch but it’s a great touch.

cucumber water and table by the window, scenes from Raptor Canyon Cafe, Tucson, photo by M. LaFreniere, all rights reserved, CactusCatz.comDid I say crunchy three times? Ok, I admit it. I love crunch and it’s something you don’t often get in a burrito which are usually soft and mushy. This is not your typical breakfast burrito but it’s yummy, healthy and only $7. I loved it.

For a drink, sorry to say no lattes or espresso here although you can get coffee or fresh brewed ice tea. They had this really cool watercooler wrapped in iron that had a vintage a look with floating cucumbers and lime in water. The cucumber-lime water was refreshing, delicious and free.

They have pretty tables near the window but actually I preferred the diner seats. So comfy and reminded me of diners when I was traveling up the coast on highway 1.

It’s a lovely place and the guy was kind and friendly. I definitely will come back here the next time I hit downtown at lunchtime. Someone raved about their burger in a review so now I’m curious.

Raptor Canyon Cafe
75 East Pennington Street
Tucson, Arizona
Hours:  6am – 3pm M-F, closed Sa-Su

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17 Replies to “Tummy Tuesday – Raptor Canyon Cafe, Tucson, a restaurant review”

    1. It was suprisingly refreshing. I didn’t think I would like the taste of cucumber in water but I did. As it’s winter, a side effect was the taste made me think of summer

    1. The flavoured water was a nice touch. Most places give regular water and honestly Tucson water straight out of the tap doesn’t taste great — more like cement. It’s funny how something small like adding a little something to the water makes such a big difference

    1. now I’m hungry too looking back. Love that it was a healthy breakfast too. Hope you’re having a great Feline Friday!

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