Neighborhood murals, eastside Tucson

Neighborhood murals, eastside Tucson

Today is food day and I’m late to the store but I wanted to put up these mural images first. I’m going to try my hand at roasted mushroom soup. Cats want me to go too ‘cuz they know I’m low on their food. They got the same thing twice in a row. Horrors! It’s cooling down wonderfully in Tucson. Only 75 right now so I might walk the mile and a half to the store. How about you? How are things where you are?

These eastside Tucson murals are down the back alleys near my home.

I posted a neighborhood mural on July 15th.  Shortly after that, it was painted over and then later this mural popped in its place.  “Ai” means “love” in Japanese.  I guess this artist reads anime comics.  In Japan, O often saw graffiti with English words.  This is hte first time I’ve seen graffiti with a Japanese word in the United States.


I saw this one down a back alley. Isn’t it fabulous? It might be letters or just shapes but I think it looks like a dragon to me. Tony Lightstorm said the artist’s name is “sad ypn mta.”

Another cool one further down the same alley.


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    1. I thought that first one was fun. For some reason, it reminded me of junior high and how my friends and I used to doodle in our notebooks.

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