Neighborhood Mural

Neighborhood Mural

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Neighborhood Mural, CactusCatz
A neighborhood mural that I saw near the bus stop on Stella.  I was going to crop the sky a bit but then I saw a black spot and zoomed in closer.  It’s not dirt.  Is it a bird? a plane? or a UFO?  We’re not too far from an airport plus the base is nearby so it’s probably a plane.  But a UFO is so much more fun.

Here is another part of the mural to the right of the blue doors.

Neighbohood Mural, CactusCatz

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7 Replies to “Neighborhood Mural”

    1. laughing, maybe they were looking for the pyramids they saw on their last visit thousands of years ago

    1. I thought so too. They also painted around the corner along the wash. I haven’t been back there yet so it’ll be cool to see what they did back there.

      Hope you’re having a wonderful Awww Monday

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