WW: Murals behind Empire Tattoo

WW: Murals behind Empire Tattoo

Mostly wordless for Wordless Wednesday. Did add a couple quick notes.

Note:  someone once told me that graffiti folks will not put graffitti tags on a mural artwork they respect.  So if you look closely here, you’ll see while the mural has no tags, there is a tag on the sign in the window and on the black little pole to the right.  They avoided putting tags on the mural but obviously wanted to show that they where there.  The YPM and STP are not tags but artist signatures.

Note: I think this is the artist signature.  You can see “STP” on the second line which I also saw the on the ghost mural and bigger across from the face.  I also see the “YPM” from ghost mural next tot he STP so maybe that is STP & YPM?  First line looks like Norer.  I think this artist also did the tiger mural on the headhunter shop.


In the back along with the Empire Tattoo Mural, was this door to the OMG Nail Spa. Not quite a mural but close enough.  Boost Mobile between them had a blank wall. On the blank walls of the nearby businesses, you can see lighter or darker patches where I am assuming the businesses had to paint over tags.  You can see one such lighter spot right next to the door but nothing on the door.



Empire Tattoo
4654 E. Speedway
Tucson, Arizona
OMG Nail Spa
4658 E. Speedway
Tucson, Arizona

Photographs by M. Nakazato LaFreniere, Nikon D3400, automatic setting, lens 18mm-55mm


Graffiti Women: Street Art from Five Continents by Nicholas Ganz
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    1. Yeah, some of the talent is amazing. I read an newspaper article of a local muralist — started off with tagging, then graffiti and grew into murals and kept getting better — he sounded like he was baffled that a musuem in another state was featuring his murals and that he gets requests to do them internationally. He loves doing the murals. I need to take a picture of one of his. I went to a monkey mural a couple miles away but it’s gone. That’s the problem with murals — if a business that commissioned a mural moves out, most times the murals gets removed which I think is a crying shame.

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