Monday mural : random ones

Monday mural : random ones

BiNacional by Paola Villaseñor, aka Panca on the Museum of Contemporary Arts, Tucson.

Bilingual and bicultural Panca at 18, left Chula Vista, CA and moved to Tijuana, Mexico, going full circle as her parents had left Mexico to raise her in the USA.

Alex Zaragoza in Fierce reported PANCA said, “In my art, I think I’m constantly showing the example visually of a person with two cultures mixing into one.”

Her instagram feed is @aypanca

Tucson’s Jaguar mural by Kati Astraeir at 119 E. Toole Ave.

The Jaguar is the 7th in the Center for Biological Diversity’s (@centerforbiodiv) endangered species mural project across the USA. There are now 17 murals. Soon there will be murals for the Ozark hellbender salamander (What a name!) in AK and the eastern indigo snake in FL. Most recently the Indiana bat in Cincinnati was unveiled Sept. 27th. Wouldn’t that be a cool road trip to instagram all the endangered species murals?

The other murals include the grizzly bears in Oakland, freshwater mussels in Knoxville, TN, monarch butterfly, Minneapolis; mountain caribou, Sandpoint, ID; Arctic grayling, Butte, MT; watercress darter, Birmingham, AL; gray whale, Los Angeles; yellow-billed cuckoo, Los Angeles and more across the country.

From the Center’s website about this Jaguar mural: “Jaguars — the third-largest cats in the world after tigers and lions — once lived throughout the American Southwest, with historical reports on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, the mountains of Southern California and as far east as Louisiana. Jaguars have disappeared from their U.S. range over the past 150 years, primarily due to habitat loss and historic government predator-control programs intended to protect the interests of the livestock industry. The last verified female jaguar in the country was shot by a hunter in 1963 in Arizona’s Mogollon Rim.” “In 2014 the Center secured more than 750,000 acres of federally protected critical habitat for U.S. jaguar recovery.” If you want to help out, visit

Fun mural on a shop, Batea Boutique, by California artists duo Von Paul and Courtney.

Von Paul was Courtney’s sensei. They’ve been working together for years painting murals. Their murals are signed as “Von Paul and Courtney”.

It’s pretty easy to find info on “Von Paul”. In a search, all you have to sling after the name is “artist”. But it’s impossible to find info on Courtney. Do you know how many Courtneys there are? And adding “artist” doesn’t work. Oh well, I guess Courtney will remain a mystery.

They travel around together doing murals in California, up the coast, here in Arizona and elsewhere. Looks like fun.

I love the quirkiness of this mural. The alligator dog. The handprints in the pink bubble. The kachina. Very cool. Sorry on this one I could not find the artist name.

Wow! I never thought I’d see the day that I couldn’t find a street on Google maps.

I tried to locate this on Google maps because I know the way I walked along Toole and this one was just off of Toole. The sign above the mural said “La Frontera” so I looked that up first. Nope. Google shows several “La Frontera” but none near Toole. Well, okay, I’ll just cam down to the street. It was on Toole between 6th & 7th. Ok, there. Google called “E. Council St.” an unknown street. Using the satellite view, I could see the building but if I clicked on it, Google refused to give me an address.

Seriously? Something is not in Google? huh.

Sometimes good old fashioned walking and exploring trumps tech. You can find things even if you don’t know where you are, laughing.

This mural highlights places from Tucson like the San Xavier Mission, A mountain and the Old Pima County Courthouse.

The Courthouse in this mural touts the slogan “Art Saves Lives.”

I think the artist is Antonio Pasos as he did a number of Art Awakenings murals in the Phoenix area. Not sure because the truck on the right covers the signature area so I’ll have to go back and check.

I had shown these photographs first on my Instagram feed in October (hence the square formating — saves time on retyping the addresses though so I’m happy).  I’d meant to get them up here sooner on but got waylaid by the fabulous Joe Pagac murals.  I hope you enjoyed this collection of Tucson murals.

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  1. Jaguars always seem to be a popular art subject. I am glad there are still plenty of them living south of the border. We are losing too many animals and once they are gone, they are gone forever.

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