Feline Friday : Tippy

Feline Friday : Tippy


Tippy is a Cornish Rex who lives with Carol.  I’d say Carol owns him but I think her pets own her, lol.  He loves half-and-half and climbing atop high places.

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24 Replies to “Feline Friday : Tippy”

    1. Tippy purrs, “Thank you. I know I am adorable. I bet your Tippi is adorable too.”?from emoticons at http://www.sherv.net

      he trots over to your site to look for her.

    1. Carol, Tippy’s owner, says thank you! and yes, he does use them to view from high places and getting up there too. The wall between the livingroom and kitchen doesn’t quite reach the ceiling, leaving a ledge. Somehow he gets up there so he can watch everybody in the livingroom.

    1. Tippy says,”Of course, we own the humans. Everyone knows that.” and preens, “thank you for noticing I am adorable” ?from emoticons at http://www.sherv.net

    1. I never saw one either until Carol got one, and then two and then three. They are funny looking when you first see them because their hair is very very short, like down and they have big ears and skinny bodies. Now I think they are cute.

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