Feline Friday : Midnight and Pinkie sharing the same room but different beds

Feline Friday : Midnight and Pinkie sharing the same room but different beds

As some of you Pinkie and Midnight hate, hate, hate each other.  So at home they live on seperate sides of the house.  Midnight takes the livingroom and the garage and Pinkie gets the back bedrooms.  Well here we are in California because I had to take them with me and they are sharing a one-room room with  me.  Luckily it has two beds so they both have nabbed one for themselves.  there is also a cat tree.  Pinkie likes to sit atop of that and hiss down at Midnight.  Crazy cat.  She’s a lot smaller than him.  When I leave the room, I put Midnight in a pup tent out on the balcony.  He really enjoys that.  He likes the warm sunshine.


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  1. hello cactus catz its dennis the vizsla dog hay i hav herd of this sitchooayshun beefor i think it wuz the plot of the faymus dokyoomentry it happend wun nite wen the peepul hayted eetch other so mutch that they had to put up a blankit between there beds in order to — wot??? oh dada sez i hav got that kompleetly rong hmm wel i gess it wood not be the first time!!! ennyway i am sorry that midnight and pinkie do not git along but i am glad that it is wurking owt having them in the wun rum with yoo!!! ok bye

    1. hmmm, I wonder if putting up a blanket between them would work so they could share the same bed… I think you have a good idea Dennis … do they have blankets for noses too?

    1. I approved it but I’ll go double check. You’re right it’s not showing. I’ll go into the blog directly. Half the time I approve something off of the Reader, it doesn’t take and I have to re do it.

  2. Ah, I see something – Pinkie lacks confidence, and Midnight wants to be boss.
    A serious 20 minutes of play twice a day would get them into the right attitude. The play sessions (start with one, the other will watch and won’t be able to resist after a while – which may be days, or weeks) need to be very active, and preferably before a meal time.
    Hunt, catch, kill, eat – chill. That’s a cat’s mantra. The hunt takes all their energy, so the play has to take the place of the hunt – a feather toy, or something to chase and kill, leap and slide as they run after (a light may make a chase, but it leaves them frustrated because there’s no catch at the end). I use a bit of paper (sometimes rubbed with cheese or something tasty) tied with a reasonably long length of wool (or string) and run it back and forth (yes, even over furniture) until they’re at the stage of panting (only do this if they’re healthy), then give them the meal.
    When they both start playing the game, when he starts chasing the lure and not focusing on her, she’ll become much more confident and won’t have to warn him off.
    Being in the same room does help.

    1. That sounds like a great idea. I will try that. They were doing better for awhile — getting closer and closer until Pinkie got up on the bed with me — Midnight was at the foot fo the bed. Then it wass hiss hiss, swipe and run. Almost!

  3. It’s crazy they still don’t get along, but I guess it happens. Loving the pup tent on the balcony (as long as it doesn’t rain).

    1. yeah, i think Midnight likes the pup tent too. I’ve never had cats live together who didn’t get along before. It’s a first for me.

    1. They both want to be the only cat. Very competitive that way. Although they don’t mind eating out of the same bowls, they do mind sharing me. sighs. I’m big enough to go round — really I am, lol

        1. Yeah, whether human or cat. Jealousy is what it is. I think part of it is both are rescue cats so there’s a little insecurity on both sides.

            1. Awww, maybe more like prison escapees! And they found a place with only one piece of pie and they both want it all to themselves.

                    1. lol, tell the cats you’re retiring and it’s their turn to feed you! hmmm, they’d probably give you mice and lizards so it might not be a good plan after all.

    1. I couldn’t leave them behind but this is not easy. I was hopeful they would get used to each other. They were within a few feet … then today hiss hiss swipe and run. sighs.

  4. They are both adorable and I’m so sorry they hate each other. Bless their hearts.

    Have a purrfect day and weekend. Scritches to the babies. ♥

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