DPC : My Place in the World

DPC : My Place in the World

Wish you were here. Artist: Charlotte Bender. Project: Ponies del Pueblo, Currently resides at Tucson Botanical Garden

My place in the world is wherever I am and for now that is Arizona.  Took me awhile but I love it here now.  At 19, I couldn’t wait to get away from Tucson and never wanted to come back.  When I did return due to my mom’s health, I wasn’t happy about it.  Seriously, not happy.

saguaro cactus with haiku originally posted on Cactus Haiku
Haiku originally posted on Cactus Haiku, my other blog

I started blogging partly to discover what there was to like in Tucson and found out there’s a lot.  It’s not like San Francisco where everything is obviously laid out.  Due to the day’s heat, animals here burrow.  Tucson is like that — you’re going to have to dig to find what’s cool.


Butterfly at the Tucson Botanical Gardens



Sumiko’s flower, Sumiko’s garden
The Bumble Bee, built by Robert Starr, once held the Guiness record for smallest airplane. Pima Air & Space Museum

My Place in the World
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    1. Thank you Veronica for the lovely comment. It’s a great place to visit — but probably just between October and March when it’s not so hot.

    1. We’re already in the upper 90s which is kinda low for May. Winter is nicely cool though. Gets cold at night but days are still in the 70s

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