Diego’s mural on Wavelab Recording Studio, downtown Tucson

Diego’s mural on Wavelab Recording Studio, downtown Tucson

Diego’s mural on Wavelab Recording Studio, downtown Tucson

Diego Roa’s mural on the Wavelab Recording Studio, painted February 2017.

I found Craigcam’s vimeo video where you can see the artist Diego working on the mural.  Craigcam does videos around Tucson so I’ll be checking out his stuff (so you may be seeing more, lol)


I think the guy looks like Pat Morita in the original Karate Kid.  Don’t you?


From Diego’s Facebook posts, he is traveling around creating murals.  Just before Tucson, he did an MLK mural in Louisiana on the Walls Project in Baton Rouge.

And as of September 2018, Diego is in Costa Rica where he created this one.

In the 1800s and before, painters would often go from town to town painting portraits and church walls.  Apparently painters still travel although now it’s global as they go from country to country.  Pretty cool.

You can use the search bar to search Amazon as I did with “latin american murals book”. Today Diego Rivera. The Complete Murals showed up. Diego Rivera is, of course, a totally different muralist than Diego Roa above. Diego Roa doesn’t have a book yet but maybe some day.
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Wavelab Recording Studio
111 S. 6th Ave.
Tucson, AZ

Diego (facebook, looks like he’s painting a mural in Costa Rica right now)

The Walls Project (web)  and on facebook

Wavelab Recording Studio (website, note for Tucson folks has a pretty good list of cafes, restaurants and stuff around town under “While you’re here“)

Wavelab Recording Studio (facebook, there was a pic in the post of the video which is how I found it.)
Media feed at WaveLab Recording Studio location

Craigcam videos

Monday Murals
Colourful World

Tuomo & Markus Share ‘Don’t Shut Down Your Radio’ From Debut Album: Premiere
by Gary Graff, Billboard, 7/12/2018
the album was done at Wavelab which led me to this video


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    1. I’m happy you enjoyed it. Isn’t it so cool that so many people are making videos in their towns so we can see moments like that? I feel lucky I found it.

    1. Thanks, I love that you’re doing Monday Murals blog hop. I’ve started taking pics of murals recently so it’s a great place to share them

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