Clothes horse : Born to shop

Clothes horse : Born to shop

Me, I’d rather be blogging but her?  You know what she’d say: I’d rather be shopping.

Clothes Horse by Jos Villabrille, currently residing at Park Mall, Tucson

“Ponies del Pueblo was a project of the Tucson Pima Arts Council that benefited Southern Arizona non-profit art and service agencies.”  In 2003, the project auctioned off 35 life-sized horses created by artists which raised $433,500 at auction. An anonymous bidder paid $80,000 for the top auction seller “Stone Pony,” a river rock creation by Tucson artist Barbara Grygutis (the name pays homage in name to the 1960s band Linda Ronstadt and the Stone Poneys).  Linda Ronstadt was born and raised in Tucson. One of the other horses, Sonoran Pony by Lori Musil sold for $25,000 and now currently resides at the Sonoran Desert Museum.  I’ll look for it next time I go out there.

Jos Villabrille created the amazing huge 3-D murals at each end of Park Place Mall that I previously posted: “WW : Park Mall Indoor 3-D Murals” and “Arizona wildlife, sorta“.  He started off in the Phillipines painting movie posters on plywood and now lives in Marana, creating murals all over Tucson.

He did some fabulous murals on Good Ole Tom’s which unfortunately was torn down in 2016 to be replaced by a multi-tenant retail building (with no murals — so sad!).  However, you can still see those old murals at The Tucson Murals Project which captured the process of the mural being painted over a couple months in 2013.


Park Mall
5870 E Broadway Blvd
Tucson, AZ 85711

Ponies herded to auction make hay for charities
by Cara Rene, Tucson Citizen, Nov 08, 2003

Jos wraps (up) Good Ole Tom’s: murals being made, part 18
The Tucson Murals Project

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    1. Thank you! Wow! I didn’t realize they made an album together until you told me. I don’t know how I missed that because i like all three of them.

    1. Yeah, I agree that it’s sad that that shop is gone — All that effort to paint a cool mural and then poof, the real estate changes. Tucson seems to change a lot. There is a few others like a monkey mural that I went to look for and aren’t there any more.

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