Back to Supersonica

Back to Supersonica

Back to Sonica, Kenny Scharf, 2013
Back to Sonica, Kenny Scharf, 2013, spraypainted Lockheed’s Jetstar, Pima Air&Space Museum, Tucson, Arizona

I visited Pima Air & Space Museum.  The place is amazing.  Three hours and 157 photos and I only saw about half the hangers.  This plane was featured in the “The Bone Yard Project : Return Trip”, a small collection of contemporary art painted planes.  “Back to Supersonica” by Kenny Scharf is a spray painted Lockheed Jetstar VC-140.

The Jetstar was the first dedicated business jet produced from 1961 to the 1970s.  Sixteen JetStars (models C-140A and B) were built for the US Air Force with six converted to VC-140B for executive transport transporting Presidents Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan while in office.  There were, of course, other presidential airplanes so it wasn’t the only one.  President Johnson preferred the VC-140B and nicknamed it “Air Force One Half.”

I wonder what President Johnson would have thought of Scharf’s artwork.  Ok, it’s not very presidential but I love it.  It’s fun.


The Pima Air & Space Museum
link takes you to the admissions prices:  the two-day pass is a good bargain because the place is huge.  Wear good walking shoes.  Some of the planes are outdoors and it’s not paved.  Thin-soled shoes are going to feel every rock.  Heels and sandals are not a good idea.  If you like space flight, planes or war memorabilia, it’s a great museum.  And you can get really close to the planes for those of you who like taking photos.  Each hanger has several volunteers so feel free to ask questions.  Expect to spend a few hours here. Bottled water is okay but no other food or drink while you walk around the planes.  I’ll do another post on Wednesday on it.
6000 E Valencia Rd
Tucson, AZ 85706

Own The Cadillac Of Vintage Business Jets For Under $1M
by Collin Krum, Jalopnik, June 7, 2015

Lockheed JetStar

Outdoor Exhibits
The Pima Air & Space Museum

Comedy Plus hosts Awww, Monday: a blog hop for things that make you say Awwww.   I loved the whimsical vignettes on the plane so ….

You can use the search bar above like I did with “aircraft art book” and when you click “go” or one of the results, it will take you to Amazon. Results can vary. What popped up for me were books on nose art. At the same museum with the Supersonica, there were also some WWII and later jets with nose art and door art that were very cool. (Yes, I’m an Amazon affiliate but it’s so easy to find so much stuff there that I love it. Will it make me rich? I wish! February 2018 I earned $0 for the month. Today is March 19 and so far nothing either. The last month I earned was January 2018 with 90 cents. Still I like adding the little search engine as I think it might be helpful for you all. Amazon disclosure: “We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.”)

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    1. Your welcome. I’m glad you liked them. It’s funny we moved to tucson when I was 14 (dad was in the USAF and retired here) and this was the first time I visited the Pima Air & Space Museum. It’s pretty cool. So funny how when I visited another city, I get a guidebook, run around, see the sights and haven’t even seen some of the sights in my own town despite decades here.

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