Tummy Tuesday : the garlic is growing. Now what?

Tummy Tuesday : the garlic is growing. Now what?

Tummy Tuesday : the garlic is growing. Now what?


A while ago Irene at My Slice of Mexico did a post on sowing garlic.  She remembered that I had thought about growing garlic from a previous post of hers and we talked a bit in the comments. She mentioned she had grown ginger from an organic ginger she’d purchased at the grocers.

So I thought I’d try it. The 99cent store usually has garlic from Mexico in little bags of 3 or 4.  I used the last one in my bag and dropped it into a glass of water.  It worked!  It’s growing.

Uh.  Now what do I do?

Such is the hazards of a neophyte gardener, lol.


Roundup of last week’s Tummy Tuesday (2/19/19-2/25/19):

Mary (cactus catz): Casino del Sol Buffet, Tucson, Arizona

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23 Replies to “Tummy Tuesday : the garlic is growing. Now what?”

    1. that sounds like a great idea! I’ve never made garlic sauce before although I’ve eaten it often in restaurants.

    1. “Seymour…. I’m hungry” Nah, wrong show. This is a yummy plant that you can eat so it belongs on a cooking show.

    1. I don’t think it’ll do very well in an ice hole. Hmmmm, don’t they do that for fishing? I bet your cats watch that ice hole just in case!

        1. That’s cool. I hope mine do as well as yours. Have you planted anything else from the supermarket that grew?

            1. I’ll have to try potatoes too. I also threw an avocado seed into the ground. WE’ll see if that works.

    1. Cool! Wouldn’t it be great if we could do that with catnip too? Put a few flakes in water and poof! My cats would love that much more than garlic but I prefer garlic myself.

    1. I love fresh garlic too so I’m excited about this. I hope they do alright in the Arizona heat. I might pot them so I can bring them indoors when it gets too hot.

  1. Cool Mary! You have a number of choices now: eat it as green garlic; divide into single cloves and plant them in pots; divide and plant outside (make sure all the white part is well underground.) Or a combination of the above. Happy gardening!

    1. It finally starting warming up today so I think I’ll plant them outside …. although I’ve already put a few in my soup the other day. The stems/leaves taste just like green onions.

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