Tummy Tuesday : Lupin Lodge

Tummy Tuesday : Lupin Lodge




I am staying at Lupin Lodge Resort near Los Gatos, California.  They have a restaurant and each night the restaurant has two specials.  One of the specials is always vegetarian.  Friday night they had tofu kabobs as their special.  It was yummy.  The veggies were pretty raw so they were crunchy which I really liked — surprising me.  The onion gave things a spicy bite.  The teriyaki sauce was perfect on it.  It was served up with a bow pastas topped with feta cheese.

Lupin Lodge Resort is a naturist retreat and has been since the 1930s.  What that means is clothing is optional; nudity is very encouraged.  They have all ages here from kids to seniors.  It has a jacuzzi, a volleyball court and a swimming pool.  I think there is a tennis court up here somewhere too.  Also it’s near the top of a forested mountain so there are trails up the mountain.  The crazy thing is that it is just a few minutes off of a freeway but you feel like you are far away from civilization and in the wilderness within minutes of starting up a trail.  Back in the 1930s, there was a train that came up here but once they build the freeway, the train line was discontinued.

It’s a bit like camping.  You can rent a space and pitch a tent or just rent a yurt.  There are also trailers you can rent too and cabins.  A lot of the people who come here are really into the back to nature thing.  Some people just like to lay by the pool and get a suntan.  It’s quiet and it’s peaceful.  Deer wander through the trees here.  They don’t run away from you until you start walking towards them.

There are a few rules here.  You have to put away your cellphone and your camera.  People in the retreat’s camera club can take photos but during designated times — they know the rules — no pics of people.  That way no one worries about their bods ending up on the net.  They do have wifi just about everywhere so you can type away on your laptop while you sit on the grass beneath the trees.  You can only smoke in a designated area — there is some concern that a careless cigarette might start a wildfire so it’s an important rule.  There was a wildfire here ages ago but the pool stopped it.  Since then, they are strict on that rule.  Considering the wildfires in central California, I can see why.

It is a lot cooler than Arizona.  At night it feels downright cold to me.  So at night I wear clothes.  In the warm afternoon, not so much.  They are very accepting of all kinds of body types so it’s a good thing.  It’s interesting.  When everybody goes naked, you don’t really notice anybody’s body. It’s just not a big deal.  I love sitting in the jacuzzi.  Mostly though I love the coolness, the trees and the deer.  It’s a very lovely place.

Lupin Lodge
20600 Aldercroft Heights Rd
Los Gatos, CA 95033
Phone: (408) 353-9200


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17 Replies to “Tummy Tuesday : Lupin Lodge”

    1. It’s a giant round tent. Very comfy. Fits a King or Queen size bed. Camping has gone upscale. Of course there are people who bring their own tents, put them up with a sleeping bag in the corner.

        1. it’s a cool place. Just remember though it is clothing optional. cool thing is they welcome cats! Lots of cats roaming around if you have to leave your babies at home like any sane person would.

            1. Well, it was once I got there although I did put Midnight in a pup tent on the porch to give Pinkie a break during the days. Midnight loved it. I had to drag him back out at nights, lol.

    1. I think you would like it. For dinner, like I said they have a vegetarian option. Also for those who just want to grab a hamburger, they have a veggie burger. I haven’t tried that yet though.

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