Tummy Tuesday : Cooking salmon

Tummy Tuesday : Cooking salmon

Yay! It’s Tummy Tuesday again. Add your link at the bottom of the post to the blog hop if you’ve got a post or pic that’s food related.

Learning to cook and finding sometimes it’s best not to overthink things.

Melt a little butter, put in a sweet piece of salmon, chop up a couple of tomatoes and sprinkle fresh cilantro. Soon the smell of buttery cilantro salmon fills the kitchen and you’re ready to eat. Yummy and healthy!

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12 Replies to “Tummy Tuesday : Cooking salmon”

    1. Pinkie looks at Chaplin, “Ten sounds like a good number. Unless we’re doing elevensies. Salmon elevensies is good too.”

    1. That’s cool he made it perfectly. Sounds like you both had an awesome dinner. (ok in November you had a great dinner. Hope you had a delicious dinner this weekend too, I’m backtracking as I missed some comments in November).

      Hope you’re having agreat weekend.

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