Tummy Tuesday : Cafe Luce, Tucson, AZ

Tummy Tuesday : Cafe Luce, Tucson, AZ

Yay! It’s Tummy Tuesday again. Add your link at the bottom of the post to the blog hop if you’ve got a post or pic that’s food related.

Actually I’m not sure what’s in this panini. I know I ordered the apple, fig, walnut panini off the menu board but I don’t remember it saying tomatoes.

I went to look on their website to see their paninis to check if tomatoes was listed in the apple panini but the website is down. Such is life.

This definitely has melty brie in it. I love brie and tomatoes so when I bit into it, I just thought yum! I ate it so fast I didn’t realize I didn’t taste apple until I was done. I was sooo hungry (on an intermittent fast here so when my window hits, I’m starving)

I would definitely order this again even if I’m not sure what’s in it, lol. It was scrumptious. What’s not to love?

Caffe Luce, 245 E. Congress St., Tucson, AZ, USA

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  1. Melted brie is scrumptious with just about anything Mary, my fave is toasted chicken, avocado and brie.. so good ? How is the intermittent fasting working for you? Have heard good things about it.

    1. Well, I was stuck on 250 for decades despite trying to lose it before. Using intermittent fasting, I’m down to 207-210 (I wobble between there right now) so I like it. Intermittent fasting made it easy to start as it’s just a window of time rather than a list of what’s ok or not and then later I added the no white food component–no food with white sugar, white salt, white flour, fat (which is white when it congeals so it counts), white rice. I am still doing intermittent fasting. I am mostly good on the no white food but occasionally indulge in one or several components. I am still losing a pound or two a week most weeks. So it’s a method that still works after 5 months whereas a lot of other methods don’t. Also eating more one or two days a week (or cheating if you will) convinces my body not to go into starvation mode so …. knock on wood … it still works, but like the turtle, slow but sure.

    2. I should mention though I don’t have any special health issues or dietary needs. For someone else, they may need to consult a doctor first before doing any kind of dieting or fasting.

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