Sweets from Kneaders

Sweets from Kneaders

Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge this week is sweets so, of course, I had to pop over to Kneader’s.  My arm was twisted … really!


Boston Cream Pie Cupcake
Boston Cream Pie Cupcake back view
Of course, I had to get a fruit tart to provide color for a featured image.
Kneader’s always has a free sampling of 2 or 3 kinds of breads or pastries near the register to entice you to take a loaf home.

And the best part? After the photoshoot was done, I ate the props with a cup of french roast coffee. Yummy! Not the breakfast of champions, but hey! The things we do for art … well, at least for photo challenges.



Kneader’s Bakery & Cafe
135 S. Wilmot Rd.
Tucson, AZ
Monday-Saturday 7am-9pm.  Closed on Sunday.

Weekly Photo Challenge
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all photographs by ©2018 M. LaFreniere, all rights reserved

6 Replies to “Sweets from Kneaders”

  1. Mary,

    What torture you must endure for a photo shoot! 🙂 My question is do they have donuts or cinnamon rolls? These are two of our favorite pastries to buy on the run but I’m all for chocolate anything. Thanks for visiting. I’m sorry for the late return to your place. Have a good weekend!

    1. Anything for art! (cracking up). They have cinnamon rolls but I didn’t see any donuts. I love cinnamon rolls too.

      Thanks for popping by, have a great weekend. from emoticons at http://www.sherv.net

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