Tummy Tuesday : Guadalajara on Kolb, Tucson, Arizona

Tummy Tuesday : Guadalajara on Kolb, Tucson, Arizona

Yay! It’s Tummy Tuesday again. Add your link at the bottom of the post to the blog hop if you’ve got a post or pic that’s food related.

Tucson Restaurant : Guadalajara, Kolb Rd.

I actually took these photos from Guadalajara restaurant on Kolb Road Tucson last year but never posted them.  Well the frog picture I have but since I did a triad on instagram, I’m adding it here.

750 N Kolb Rd
Tucson, AZ


Roundup of last week’s Tummy Tuesday (10/23-10/29/18):


2. 3.

This week’s Tummy Tuesday (10/30-11/5/18):

10 Replies to “Tummy Tuesday : Guadalajara on Kolb, Tucson, Arizona”

  1. Hubby and I have found that we can’t find a good Mexican restaurant anymore. I live in California and that seem impossible, but lately the food has been terrible. Perhaps we need to fix our own.

    Have a fabulous day. ♥

    1. oh wow, that is surprising. Yeah, if you can’t find a good one near you, I’d make your own. Irene at My Slice of Mexico publishes recipes and a bit of history behind each dish. She grew up in Mexico but when she moved to Canada, people started asking her about Mexico and so a blog was born. I like her blog a lot.

    1. Yes, they were enchiladas. I think the red sauce was just called enchilada sauce. I love the decor there too. They had the metal cutouts wall decor and also on knick-knack shelves, little doll house type mexican pottery as little dishes, bowls and vases.

  2. This has nothing to do with food…I have a frog, mostly in blues, like that green frog…a gift from San Antonio.

    1. That’s cool. The Southwest area is very influenced by Latin American arts and crafts, both with importing and the influence on artists living here. I wonder if your frog came from Mexico or if a local artist made it

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