Millie’s Pancakes (yum!)

Millie’s Pancakes (yum!)

I cannot believe that Millie’s Pancakes has been in Tucson since 1964 and I have never been there before.  I love it!  Reasonably priced, good food and charming, what’s not to love.

When you come in, at the door is a board with a long list of the day’s specials.  Right away I knew I was going to try the sun-dried tomato, avocado and bacon quiche even though it was lunch time.  Carol looked over the menu carefully but settled on what she said she always ordered:  Russian cheese-filled blintzes with apricot sauce.

Our drink choices were a tad unimaginative as I had hot tea and Carol opted for diet pepsi.  They do have a wine and beer selection, even something called Wittekerke beer. Most of the beers had names I’d never heard of but I am not a beer drinker so that’s no surprise.  The wines are mostly California including a Ravenswood which I quite like. I wonder though, what kind of wine goes with quiche? White?

The quiche had a choice of fresh fruit or … honestly I forgot what the other thing was because I got the fresh fruit.  Boy, was I glad I did.  It was amazeballs! You have to understand.  Most of the time at an Arizona restaurant when you get fresh fruit with breakfast, you get a couple of slices of oranges and maybe a couple of strawberries if you’re lucky.  Here I got strawberries and oranges, yes.  But also slices of  watermelon, melon, honeydew, pineapple, kiwi and grapes.  I was totally shocked in a happy way.  Yummy! The quiche was good, a little on the heavy side, but filled me up nicely.

Carol gave me a taste of her Russian blintz.  Creamy cheese filling in a crepe. What’s not to love?  Although honestly it tasted more like a lightly sweet dessert to me than breakfast.

I will definitely have to come back here for lunch.  I am curious about their Schnitzel: Breaded Pork Loin with Spaetzle Noodles, Rotkohland, and Gingersnap Gravy.  I’ve never heard of Spaetzle and Rotkohland.  I like trying new things.

And the bill?

$6.80  Quiche
$6.75  Blintz with Apricot sauce
$2.25  Hot tea
$1.95  Diet Pepsi

Pretty reasonable if you ask me.  We paid by cash but they do charge an extra 25 cents if you pay by credit or debit card.


Millie’s Pancake Haus
6530 E. Tanque Verde Rd
Tucson, AZ   85715


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  1. Words cannot express how excited I am about your review. I used to go to the Millie’s that was located at Oracle and Ina, a few doors down from Whole Foods. When I moved back to Tucson, that location was gone and I forgot about this one. Will need to find an excuse for breakfast out soon! Their French Toast is so yummy!

    1. Great! It’s my favorite breakfast place. Right across from them on the other side of Tanque Verde is Pinnacle Peak, a steak restaurant. If you go to Pinnacle Peak, make sure no one wears a tie they love. The ceiling is decorated with ties.

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