Food: National Food Days, geez how many are there?

Food: National Food Days, geez how many are there?

Foodimentary‘s  fun page lists the food holidays.   A lot of people know October is National pumpkin month.  It is also the national month for: apple, applejack, caramel, cookbooks, cookies, dessert, pasta, pickled peppers, pizza, popcorn poppin’, pork, pretzel, seafood and the second weekend is National Kegger Weekend.

Now for days.  October 5th is the National day for Apple Betty and the Regional day for Rocky Mountain Oysters.  Looks like people celebrate Apple Betty day by posting recipes at Gone-Ta-Pott, Ka-Tom,  and Foodie Patootie among a host of others.  If you want a good deal on Rocky Mountain Oysters, you’ll have to be in Colorado though.  Here is the story of one person’s journey to create the Oyster day.

For the nonfood holidays, today is the day for:

  • World Teachers’ Day
  • Balloons around the World Day
  • National Do Something Nice Day
  • National Rhode Island Day
  • National Get Funky Day

Tomorrow, October 6th is National Noodle day.  I wish I were up in the Phoenix metro area because the only restaurant I could find celebrating it is Noodles & Co.  giving a free small Mac & Cheese with each entree purchase.  But I expect a lot of people will post noodle recipes on that day too.

For the nonfood holidays, Tomorrow is the day for:

  • World Smile Day
  • National Plus Size Appreciation Day
  • National Mad Hatter Day
  • National German-American Day
  • National Manufacturing Day
  • Badger Day
  • British National Poetry Day

Someone made October 9th, National Moldy Cheese day.  Geez, who does that?  Just makes me think it might be time to clean the fridge again.  October 9th is also National Pizza and Beer day.  Not Pizza day — that’s a whole another day.  It is Pizza and Beer.  Sausage Pizza even has it’s own day too on October 11th.

Seriously, who thinks of this stuff?  Most of the days aren’t really celebrated — I like the national days where they hand out freebies and discounts but most days get nothing — at most they get a mention on a blog or two.

They make me smile though.  Who wouldn’t love Mad Hatter day? We need something light to bring a little sunshine in the darkness of death, destruction and starvation that fills current events.  Today is National Do Something Nice — make an apple betty and take it to someone who is homebound, show someone who has taught you something meaningful some appreciation, or share something to make someone smile.

Humor, laughter, smiling, giving, feeding — these things are not shallow.  These everyday things are weapons to keep the darkness at bay, trophies to award those in our lives for the good they have done and a means to lighten each others loads.

Kris brings over food to Carol daily as she recovers from her broken pelvis — making Carol feel safer and cared for.  A simple neighborly act walking next door with food but it’s a rare act in many places these days. Food holidays remind us sharing food is about friendships, family and communities gathering to give food, eat and take care of each other.    Well, maybe not National Moldy Cheese Day.  I still don’t get that.




Get ready to celebrate Rocky Mountain Oysters Oct. 5 on the newest official food holiday in Colorado: We went through the motions to create a new food day — and actually got it by Allyson Reedy, The Know, October 3, 2017

National Food Holidays by month, Foodimentary



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