Victorian Steampunk Cat

Victorian Steampunk Cat

Victorian Steampunk Cat

Diverging again.  This time I used a photo I took of a wooden carousel horse and fed the AI “Victorian cat steampunk mechanical balloon”.   (The artbreeder AI — pretty soon I’ll be naming him — hmmm  — working together everyday with a computer, or a software network or whatever he is, you feel like he has a personality. He definitely likes cats, don’t you think) Our collaboration resulted in

If you’d like to see my carousel horse picture, go to my cactus haiku post, My new obsession : popping words into images. I’m a bit obsessed with Artbreeder at the moment and that was my first post about using it.

I also wrote a steampunk haiku on CactusHaiku so I guess I have steampunk on my mind.  I enjoy reading the steampunk genre, the Victorian clothing, and the clever gears and mechanical inventions.  Jules Vernes is one of my favorites.  Verne has been reported as saying:

“I believe cats to be spirits come to earth. A cat, I am sure, could walk on a cloud without coming through”

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