Cat AI Art : I just love library cats

Cat AI Art : I just love library cats

Cat AI Art : I just love library cats

I just think these library cats are so cute in their unabashedly nerdiness.



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    1. I started to do a written tutorial series about the different ai art generators starting with Dream by Wombo on my haiku blog because it’s one of the easiest to start with and you can use it in a browser or if you prefer download it on googleplay for your phone.

      If you do try out the tutorial, let me know if it was easy to follow. I thought of doing a video short as it’s easier to see but haven’t got that far.

    1. Thank you. I’ve never met a real library cat but I loved reading Dewey. They translated it into Japanese so I gave it to my mom as she preferred to read in Japanese. She loved it too.

    1. I loved how they looked too. Kind of like my glasses when I’ve rolled over onto them once too often after falling asleep reading in bed.

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